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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Reconnecting with family!

This past weekend I headed off to Pennsylvania with my daughter, Dawn, to attend a surprise BD party for our 90 yr old cousin!!  I haven't seen 'Tootie' since the early 90's when Bob and I made a trip to PA.

 Only bad part of the trip was my sister and Nancy left Florida @ 6:00a.m. and didn't arrive in PA/hotel until almost 8 p.m.!!!  It was a very long day for them due to scheduling crew issues!  Our flight was a piece of cake going and coming home!  WHEW!

Me, David, Leigh, Dawn, Erin & Jordan

While we waited for my sister and Nancy to arrive, Dawn and I met up with my niece, Leigh, her hubby, David, my other niece Erin and her daughter, Jordan and Jordan's friend, Maddie on Friday night!  We had a delicious dinner at the Bistecca Restaurant on top of the Casino located in our hotel. Maddie took this picture for us.

My sister, me, Dawn, Nancy, Nieces - Leigh, Erin and Great niece, Jordan!

On Saturday, after a quick breakfast,  we all met to do a little retail therapy at an outdoor shopping mall (no David didn't join us).  Once again Maddie was our photographer! 

After shopping, it was time to head out for the birthday party!  We had to arrive before the guest!

My daughter spotted this sign on the Ladies Room door and said "you and MaryAnn should take your picture there!".  How cute is this!

My great niece Jordan & Maddie

It's only fair to show you our other photographer, Maddie!  Now I just hope I'm spelling her name correctly!  Dawn was our photographer at the party for us! 

It was a wonderful weekend to be part of this surprise and to see this lady who my sister and I have always loved.  She was such an important part of our life...she acted as a mother, sister and friend and will always have a special place in our heart!

Tootie was a  little surprised!!

Tootie was also surprised to see us!!! 

My sister lived close to Tootie before they moved to Florida and would see Tootie frequently.  My niece Leigh and David built their home almost across from Tootie's house and didn't realize until their home was in the process of being built.  After their home was built, Tootie was a regular visitor for a glass of wine and talking!!!

No, she didn't have to blow out 90 candles!

The first time you meet Tootie you think you've know her all of your life!!!  She is one of the kindest, sweetest and genuine people I know.  She'll tell you how she feels even if you may not want to hear it!  But that also makes her special!

I spent many a summer and holiday on Tootie's farm and was included as one of the family.  Tootie's daughter, Elaine, and I used to pretend we were sisters and would dress alike and spend every day together during the summers. This was Easter and we had matching purses!  I'm on the left..I was 3 years older than Elaine. 

 On weekends, Tootie & Bub (her hubby) would take us to the 4-H fairs to show horses, allowed to ride horses  most every day (they always made sure I had a horse to ride in the summer).  We would  go to horse pulling contests where Bub entered his work horses in pulling events and fairs. Bub had several teams he used to work the farm with.  Years later his daughter, Elaine, actually beat him with her own team! 

We helped on the farm when and if able; picking strawberries, veggies for canning, helping in the hay field, feeding animals...everything they did on the farm to sustain their life, we helped out as much as we could or would!  HA.  I learned how to cook 3 meals a day (see that's where I get that housewife duty from!), bake cookies or have ice cream for dessert every night, work hard doing our best and to be happy and enjoy life! 

How cool is this picture grouping they made!

 I'm so glad I made the trip to see Tootie and help celebrate her 90th!  Wynna,  Daniel and his better half, Chelsea, did a wonderful job putting together this surprise celebration!  Getting all of Tootie's friends and family together wasn't an easy job, I'm sure!  Tootie has so many of both! 

 My sister and I got to see some relatives we haven't seen in over 50 years!!!  I even got to see my nieces and great niece and my sister and Nancy again!  My daughter was able to meet some of those same relatives!  I was so proud to introduce Dawn to them. 

AND Dawn was so great at being my/our personal travel agent, Uber driver, photographer and all around 'go to gal'!  She was fantastic at keeping us in line.  I was glad she got to visit with her cousins,  Leigh (left) and Erin.  They haven't seen each other for many years and it was fun to hear them tell stories of their childhood and some of the trouble they got into and out of!  My sister and I are so lucky to have such wonderful daughters/sons (my sister has one more daughter (in Florida) and a son in Tenn.). 

Tootie, Wynna and Daniel


 For some reason, I didn't get a picture of Tootie, Daniel and Chelsea at the party!!! I found this one on Facebook of Tootie, Wynna and Daniel.  Sorry, Chelsea, I don't have one of you!

A special thank you all for inviting us to be part of this special day!!!


  1. It’s heartwarming to see how everyone came together for this very special occasion!

  2. How wonderful! Everyone looks so happy, and Tootie looks fabulous. Where in Pennsylvania -- I grew up in Pittsburgh and lived in a few other parts of the state.

    1. We lived in finleyville, Bentleyville. I went to Three Rivers College downtown pittsburgh. I graduated from Monongahela High school.


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