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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

From leaf bagging to snow shoveling!

Our little 4 month old great grand bunny!!!!  Isn't she adorable!

I have honestly been working on my projects but haven't had time to take pics or post on them...too busy shoveling snow! 

We had at least 8 inches of snow this week!!!   These were taken before the snow stopped!

All I seem to do is shovel an area for the dogs out back.  This was  taken when the snow  started...girls were excited at first!
   Kalee doesn't really care what the weather is!  In fact, she is bugging me to take her for a walk!  But at 9 degree's, which it was Wednesday a.m., we aren't walking!  Kalee is bored and Gigi is happy to just sit on Bob's lap!  The sad looking one is Kalee!

I decorated the upstairs  for Christmas on Saturday!  And on Monday I finished the lower level...I forgot to take pics of upstairs.

Some of the before boxes with some surprise decorations!
Tree all trimmed

 I have to say I really enjoyed decorating and finding Christmas ornaments and decorations I haven't put up in years!  For the past 14 years going to Florida at this time of year, I've had to take down the decorations Christmas Day evening, after Bob's daughter and hubby left,  so I wasn't putting up a lot of decorations.  This year I had fun and put items in every room!!!   And I don't have to take them down until Easter!  HA


  1. That snow! We are just warming up on our side of the world. And about time too! Cheers

  2. They are gonna clash with your Valentines and St Patrick's Day decorations.

  3. What a sweet face all bundled into her snow suit! Your tree and mantle look beautiful. And what a treat not to have to rush to take down everything! 9 degrees? No walking for sure.

  4. Your grand is an angel...a Snow Angel? We got just about the same weather as you did. I'm pretty sure we won't have the kids here for Christmas so I am still debating if I'll decorate. BUT there WILL be lights...lots of little lights in Christmas colors...everywhere, lol.
    xx, Carol

  5. All that snow helps to make decorating for Christmas even more appropriate!


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