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Friday, November 8, 2019

Picture Book Finished

Well, I've finished the picture (gift) book!  And you may notice the spine is different!  I wasn't thinking when I started/wove the spine.  When I finished weaving, I wasn't happy at all...first off, I didn't double my thread in each section; then I used a thin embroidery thread to do the weaving.  I wasn't a happy camper at all!

This is what my first book/spine looked like and for my first book attempt I was very happy (you can see that book post here).  Yes, I used Perle cotton which was way better than just the thin embroidery thread I had from Hobby Lobby (this thread was and is great to do embroidery work with but not for weaving!). 

See the difference!  This is the picture book I just finished.  Kept me up all night thinking about how sloppy it looked.  I was getting ready to cut all this out; cut back each section and redo the entire binding. 

I got thinking about actual book binding and this is how I ended up covering the spine.  Process is the same as adding a cover to a book you've made with the exception I didn't cover the entire front and back. 

Picture looks a tad crooked and this is before I trimmed the edges!  I glued on some ultra suede and it really looks so much better and I can sleep tonight.

Edges are trimmed here.
 These are just some of the pages. My cousin, Tootie, lived and worked their farm.  As kids, it was a life of good food, hard work and all the animals you could want or wish for.  We rode horses daily in the summer but never with a saddle, always bareback!  Tootie said if we got thrown off  our horse at least we won't get dragged with our foot getting caught in the stirrup!  We did learn how to ride that's for sure!  Smart lady isn't she!  I do have an animation of all the pages at the end of this post.
My cousin and her best friend!

These are my cousin's mother, grand mother and siblings!

My cousin on the left and her sister, June...that is June on the right with her family!

Tootie's two daughter's  cutting cows!  Tootie (picture on the right with the hat) and her daughter.  Yes, she still rides a horse!  

Tootie  (far rt) beside her daughter and DIL at the American Quarter Horse Congress. How cool is she still!
The picture on the right is Tootie's DIL.  

Here is a quick animation of the entire book.


  1. PERFECT solution for your binding Robbie!!

  2. You are a problem solver! Nice result. Gotta' love Tootie!! Still riding and interested in horse activities. I'll let Jack know this- it will give him hope that he can continue as long as she has, too. He will be 80 soon and still riding. I love her philosophy of bareback riding-at least you won't get dragged- Ha, tough love.

  3. What a work of art! I think your binding solution is genius.

  4. WHAT A TREASURE !! This is one beautiful book...loved the prints, loved the photos and the binding was a great color. Lucky lady to get this.


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