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Monday, November 4, 2019

Another book in the making....

I made this book in the summer.  Each page was hand embroidered and then the binding was woven to hold the pages together.

I decided to make another one similar but instead of the hand embroidery, I'll be placing old pictures on each page.  This will be for a relatives surprise birthday in November so I need to get this bugger hard to work on three or four projects at once but I sure do try!! 

I stamped then over dyed  each page with fiber reactive dyes to create the poster board 5"x 5 1/2" squares.  I added the binding strip/edges yesterday. 

I want to add  old pictures on the pages.  I'm just not sure if I will put them on each of the stamped pages or just use plain white pages in between the stamped pages.  Some pictures are black/white and others are in color....decisions..decisions..

The bottom picture is me and my sister taken at her Confirmation...not sure of the year but I think I was around 9 or 10. 

The little girl above that picture on the left, is also me with my great aunt's father, who lived with us. Pops was a retired Police Officer and a great woodworker.  That cement building behind him was his workshop (they didn't have a car so the garage served his purpose!).  When he would go and work in the 'workshop', Pops would give me a hammer, some wood and nails and I would just pound away.  Of course, I never built anything but I sure loved spending time with him. 

Hope to get the picture layouts completed this weekend so I can start weaving the book together.  That's the part that takes time...lots of time...but it will be worth it...I hope!


  1. This is a great idea for a gift. Such a great heirloom too. Pictures are always a good gift. I recently sent a Chatbook to Nic my oldest great grand full of pictures from before he moved to LA. The kids tell me he looks at it all the time.
    xx, Carol

  2. I love how that woven binding looks on your book. This next one is a great idea and I'm sure will be treasured.

  3. What a perfect way to save those treasured photos!


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