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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Happy Birthday to my baby!


Darrin was only a few weeks old in this picture!  His sister, Dawn,  still keeps her hand on his back!!!  They are a great team and very close as brother and sister!

How adorable is Darrin in his Lederhosen!  One of the lady's Darrin's dad worked with was from Germany.  On one of her visits back to Germany, she brought us a set for both kids.  Wish I knew where they ended up as they got lost over the years.


My 'mum' adored her grands!!!!

And grandma with 'sister' Dawn!

This was taken several years ago...Darrin entered a 'Brawny Man' contest!  Well, his mom entered for him...I thought I wrote a very compelling letter.  Darrin still works out daily either riding bike, running or going to the gym.  He's a great example to his kids and family!

This was taken last year when his sister, Dawn, took Darrin to Ireland for his 50th birthday!   Love those kids so much!!!

Happy birthday, baby!!

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