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Friday, February 14, 2020

Library Quilts

It's always fun to look back at our work, isn't it?  At least it is for me.  There are times when looking at 'older' work I can see where I should have done something different or why the heck did I do that!
I recently picked up all of my older quilts I had hung at our local library.  I thought they needed to be replaced with some newer ones I've made.

I would like to give a shout out to Guy and Angie Adamec for their assistance removing the quilts off the walls and replacing them!  Guy made the hanging system several years ago and originally hung the quilts at that time.  Angie and Guy are always volunteering in our little village!!  Thank you both so much!

Here are two quilts that will be going back to join the 'newer' ones after these are 'refreshed'!  The quilt above I made in 2001 called 'Rhyme or Reason' (theme) was for a quilt guild challenge but it's a good quilt for children to look at!
Now that I look at some of the detail I have to say I'm amazed with all the work I did on this one!!

 Who knew!  I remember some of the elements but I really forgot how much is in this piece!

OK, she's not the prettiest "Mary" but the lamb is really cute!  Not a lot of definition to distinguish the lamb from the background but what did I know 18 yrs ago!

Check out Jack!  He's a handsome young man!  And my clock...I don't remember doing these at all!

I'm sure I was only working on one project at a time in 2001!  Boy have times changed, right!
The next one I made specifically for our local library in 2005.  That was our first winter in Florida and the perfect  project.   It took me all winter and some of the spring when we got home.  It was my own design but I used some applique patterns for the animal blocks and found the saying around the borders, which I obtained permission to use from WRC Media/Highsmith, Inc.

Once again, I forgot all the elements in this one!   It was fun to look back at this quilt!   It isn't the best picture but you get the idea  (measures around 48-50").

When I picked up this quilt, I noticed some of the letters, which were photo transferred, had really faded.  So out came my Intense pencils and I colored in the first set of lettering "you otter be reading", which worked great!   I did the same with the next blue letters and again..worked fine.   On this one I just applied a small amount of water on a brush to blend the colors.

 Buds at our art group suggested I use matt medium (my textile medium seemed REALLY runny).   No problem and it colored just fine.  Again, I used blue pencil.

Here is where I started to color in the lettering with Intense pencils.  See how faded the words were.  Which is interesting...not all of the photo transferred lettering faded!  And this quilt was hung in an area where no sunlight hit it.

Before I brushed the color with matt medium.

And all renewed! 

The next lettering "books make me hoppy" didn't work so well!  I used brown Intense pencils and water to blend the color.
You can see how the letter outlining area ran like crazy but only on the BOOKS word...I ended up using some yellow acrylic paint to color around the letters...for some reason the rest of the lettering was fine.  I could feel a wax surface on the photo transfer on the first word but not on the rest.  Go figure....from a distance on the wall you can't tell.

Looks better and no one will notice!

Another block...just happened to have some of this fish/water commercial fabric.  I do remember that fabric.  I had made a baby quilt for one of my friends first child.  Funny, what you remember and what you forget!  HA

I don't know if this dog is suppose to be missing an eye!  Think I'll add one!  I probably just forgot to give him one originally!  HA

Suppose to pick up my new car today!  Woohoo!  Really excited...Bob got a 2020 Enclave, which is what I usually drive.  We always needed a large SUV driving to Florida  but now he needs a large SUV to haul his Radio Controlled airplanes when he goes to the fly field!  HA  Fine with me...I'm getting a really nice 2020 Envision!  I've had 5 Enclave's so it will be nice to have a new vehicle/toy!
Oh...Happy Valentine's Day too!!!  First year I haven't made any fiber cards...making over 50 last year did me while it lasted but no more!


  1. What a great way to start off my morning… with Robbie’s blog!

  2. How wonderful to display these at the library! What do you mean Mary isn't pretty? She has a great hair-do! So many fun details to see in these. Inktense to the rescue- it really made a great difference.

  3. These were perfect for their purpose. I am sure the library thinks they are awesome!


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