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Saturday, March 14, 2020


I'm back working on the tree for my beaded woodpecker.  The tree needed more shading to give dimension to the tree.  So, I'm using Gelato pastels to hopefully do just that.  This is my result, so far, and I still need to do the branches.  And create beaded feet as well as bead the woodpecker's tail feathers.

The background fabric is a lot brighter than what shows in this picture.

You can see better here with the tree on the left before I started using the Gelato's and on the right where I did shading.  Slowly but surely...

To be honest, I've been concentrating more on my knitting than on my woodpecker!!!!  Bad me!!!  But this dang lace shawl is such a challenge and I'm really anxious to get it finished!   I didn't have a good place to stretch the shawl out so I only 'pulled' on the left side so you can see the lace pattern. 
This is the shape the shawl will be in when blocked/finished!  

Actually, I'm getting more comfortable with learning how to do some of the lace repeat patterns by going back and watching (more intently!!) Andrea Wong's video's on BluePrint!!!  I purchased both or her video's a year or two ago, so I have them for a lifetime!  Which at the rate I'm going learning these new Portuguese knitting stitches, I'll need in my lifetime!


  1. Your bird/tree piece looks great. I like the look of knitted lace more than crochet, unless the crochet piece is done with cotton thread. I learned to crochet by teaching myself to stitch doilies. You shawl is looking great.
    xx, Carol

  2. Wow the tree is coming along very nicely. Lots of texture which is the goal. Your knitting is very intricate. Well done.

  3. Oh Robbie the woodpecker is outstanding!!

  4. Good thing you have plenty to work on with everything shutting down!


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