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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disperse Dyeing (again!)

A few years ago I played around with disperse dyes (here and here) and the other day I headed to the dye room and painted three pages with the dyes.  I placed leaves on top of the wet dye(s) then scrunched plastic wrap on top and let sit for a few days to dry.
 Today I decided to clean up the fabric shelving in my sewing space and came across some poly in between the mess of 'stuff' all over my tables, out came the iron and I played!
And here are some of the results from transferring today!

For this piece I ironed the blue first then ironed on the orange.  I really like this one and it's the perfect background for my beaded leaf...with the exception it's too small!  Oh well...borders could always be added, right!

All the pieces look quite nice in person and show some of the pattern from the leaves and wrap.  I did eventually finish up the shelves in the sewing room and later this week I'll work on the drawers in both cabinets.  There is a lot of fabric and projects as well as some surprises I'm sure tucked away!  Remember I've been gone for four months!  Heaven only knows what I stashed in the drawers before we left for the winter!


  1. Don't ya just love hidden surprises!!

  2. So fun to take time to play and experiment. Great looking results.

  3. Your fabrics are always stunning. So good to get time to just play. The bonus to sorting and cleaning is the fun of finding things we "forgot" we have or lost track of. Creative Treasures Bliss...

  4. Lovely prints...I'm anxious to try that technique and nice to see lots of examples.


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