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Friday, May 8, 2015

Such Talented Friends!

Before I left Florida, Peggy (my alcohol ink bud  OK, wine bud as well!), was working on creating a textured canvas piece for a friend.  I was curious as to the process, so of course, I did play for about 10 min. with gel medium and some paint!  OK, so here are my results!  Nothing spectacular but fun to do and I will pursue more.  After my 'secret' project and spring cleaning are finished that is!!

This was gel medium (about an 8" square) on foam board.  Good texture...that's a piece of string on the top left.

Then I mixed some acrylic paint with water and painted the other side of the foam board (after I used gel medium for marking, which I let dry first!).

So that was fun!  So next was Peggy 'playing'!!!

But Peggy really got into it!  And she didn't start out small...nope, her piece is 16" x 20" (at least).  She started off playing with gesso and gel medium.  I haven't worked with gesso much so I didn't think you would get the same texture or results needed but it worked!
Left side is gesso - right is gel medium

Peggy decided to use the gesso on canvas and this was her start using cheesecloth, circles, etc.  Pretty interesting, right!
Next up she laid string down to add more texture.

And then came the paint!

  Peggy decided the edges were too sharp so she did more blending and this is the final piece!  I think she did a great job!!!!

 Look at this detail and texture!  Isn't it great!!!!  I'm sure her friend will be really excited to get this piece.  She picked out the colors she wanted in the piece and I think Peggy did a wonderful job!

She certainly has inspired me to try something like this!  I think we could get in a lot of trouble if we lived closer!  I love Peggy's watercolor and acrylic pieces and in fact, she gave me one of her alcohol ink pieces!!!  So much talent and such a nice person to boot!
Today I worked on my 'secret project' ALL day!  Bob was off golfing so the house was quiet.  Tomorrow there is a flower sale where proceeds go to Outreach East.  We like to donate clothes, household items to this organization as they don't sell to folks who need..they give them away.  So I will pick up flowers tomorrow and feel like part of the $$'s will go to a good organization! Then to weed the front yard...then back to cleaning the inside and continue to do some purging.  Makes a gal feel good!

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  1. Texture galore- love it! The string adds so much, will have to try this.


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