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Monday, May 11, 2015

It still takes a family

Yes, it may take a village to raise a child but it all starts with family.  And we are so proud of this family!  Kayla graduated this past Saturday with her Master's from East Carolina University.
Nate, Kayla, Mom (Mary Jo) & Dad (Ron)

Ron (Bob's son) and Mary Jo (our DIL) are just great parents!  We are as proud of them a we are of Kayla and Ian (he's a freshman at Purdue this year).  Ron and MJ should be very proud of giving their kids the foundation to grown into the young woman and young man they are today.

 Kayla achieved her degree in Sports Medicine from Ball State U and has been attending East Carolina U for the past two years!  We are all so proud of her accomplishments, both academic and personal!

Next major event will be June 2016 when these two great 'kids' get married!

Again, congratulations Kayla!!!!

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  1. Lovely Family and Congratulations to them for this wonderful achievement. Kudos and Congratulations to Kayla!


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