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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We're Home!

Yep, we made it home around noon yesterday (Monday) after a pretty pleasant trip.  Not too much traffic and weather was decent, with just some rain a few hours before home.  Of course, we unloaded the car (totally!) then I headed to grocery store and meat market, home to cook dinner then we unpacked our suitcases/bags.  I forgot to take a picture before our bed was full of bags (space saver) and suitcases!

Nothing left in the dining room!

Same with living room...

The only room that was bad  was my sewing room!

I'll take another picture tomorrow but it's all clean now!  I finished putting everything away after dinner tonight. item that is still in the room!  So's empty...every time I walk in the room I expect Gracie to be there to say hello...she would always say "Hi Grace" when I would walk in the room!  Parrots are repeaters...and I would always say "hi grace" to her...I do miss her.

Tomorrow I'll take her cage apart and see if I can donate it to either a rescue organization or to someone who has birds.   The cage we had in Florida went to a good home.  A friend of Jan's was getting another parrot and needed a cage so that worked out for both of us.
Tonight we're relaxing watching the Tiger's play baseball....I'm hoping to start some art work Friday but who knows.
I still have my  spring cleaning to do...I  finished the master bath today...slowly working my way through the next, followed by the LR, bath, computer room, sewing room then on the the downstairs and family room, bathroom and then end up in my dye room!  Whew..maybe I'll finish in time for us to head back to Florida next winter!


  1. Very thankful you have arrived safely home. I am so understanding of you missing Gracie...I still miss my BooBoo Kitty. You are amazing to be so unpacked and restocked in the kitchen. I am exhausted after just three days away. Blessings Dear...

  2.'ve settled in faster than I could ever imagine myself doing. Very impressive dear Robbie!!

  3. I'm so impressed with how quickly you settled in.I wondered how it would be returning home without Grace- very sad to lose her.


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