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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Productive day....just no artwork!

It's always busy when we return from Florida...beside spring cleaning inside there is always yard work to do outside.  Since I've been so busy cleaning inside I thought today I would work outside!  It was 80 degrees and actually right now still 82!  Just a beautiful, low humidity day so perfect for working outside.

Hostas are about 6" tall already...its like June in Michigan rather than May!

 Bob took off the patio door and screen from the walkout in my dye room to clean the rollers.  Then we brought out the upper deck furniture.  I raked leaves from the fall that never got picked up!  Two things Florida doesn't have a lot of are:  1) leaves (unless you have a Magnolia tree!) and potholes!

I filled two huge leaf bags with yard work, finished weeding out back and the side of the house and scrubbed downstairs rockers.  Now to still weed front yard and south side of the house.

Then we brought out the upper deck patio furniture.  I still have to clean the furniture off...we keep covered all through the seasons (we've had this set since we built in '96 and it does look like new).  A pain to cover and uncover all the time but well worth it.

I'll clean off the grill and storage box later this week.    At least we can sit out on the deck...well, Kalee and I will!  Usually when Bob gets the time to sit out after golf, it's too windy for him.  I enjoy having lunch on the deck....

and Kalee would prefer to be outside all day long!

Here she is sniffing to find worms or rabbit poo!  Yes, we get all different wildlife here.  Our backyard backs up to woods so the turkey, deer, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits and tons of birds are here year round!

Tomorrow I have computer work to do which will take most of the day.  Working on documenting a technique so I need quiet!!  Bob is golfing, which is perfect.  Saturday I am going to pick up some flowers at a sale in Davision for Outreach East.  This event will help Outreach East  with some of the proceeds being donated to them, which helps folks along the M15 corridor.  We usually donate our clothes to them as they give the clothes or food items to folks in need rather than selling the items.

Hope I get to post some artwork soon!!!!  Even though my hands and fingers and joints are pretty sore I still want to do some type of art!!!  Keeping my fingers crossed...well, maybe not as it hurts!  But I'm still hoping I get to do some sewing!


  1. So much work but so worth it to have the beautiful dwellings you have. Don't the deer eat your Hosta plants? Kalee looks quite content to be outside exploring. Healing Energy for your hands...

  2. Our weather is a nice welcome home. We spent the day outside too and "wondering" at all the work that needs to be done. But it's outside work so it's all good.
    xx, Carol


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