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Friday, May 1, 2015

Sad to leave.....

Well, our last Thursday  dinner out with the 'gang' was tonight!  Bob and I have enjoyed dinners at Blanca's here in the community.  And tonight was no different...although, it was a bit sad leaving our friends until next year!  We will miss having dinner and discussions with everyone!  We didn't get to say goodbye to Patricia (who was staying with her grand daughter!) and  Jan and Larry!  Jan came down with a cold last night and wasn't up to par today...but at least we got to see her last night!

Marily & John

Verna and Ron

My Q bud, Susan and Harvey

Jan and Mac

Patrick and his 'bud',Bob!

Patricia was playing 'grandma' for a few days so Bob filled in for her so Patrick wouldn't feel lonely!

Well, no more eating big dinners out for awhile!  That's not a bad thing!  I think our stomach's are stretched out!  But we'll reduce them in the next 8 months so we can start all over again!!!

Tomorrow is packing up the clothes, last minute laundry, more packing of golf equipment, then pack the car...we should be finished early afternoon as we're pro's at this packing 'thing'!


  1. It is so hard to leave isn't it? I got my first taste of it this year as we bought a place and then had to leave it until October! Not sure I can make it until then! Have a good summer!

  2. I've so enjoyed reading about your fun times in Florida. Have a safe trip home.


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