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Thursday, April 30, 2015

S & P!

No, this post isn't about Salt and Pepper!  It's about Stumpknockers and Packing!

We haven't eaten at Stumpknockers in several years so last  night, LaPlantes, Bob and I met Larry and Jan for a great fish dinner...well, we didn't all have the catfish...some had frog legs, you go John!  Marilyn, Bob and I each had shrimp and Jan and Larry had catfish.  A great dinner, as usual!  They never disappoint with their meals...and for once it wasn't hard to talk!  During the winter months when "we" snowbirds are around, the place is packed and unless you have reservations, you're going to wait!  Last night we did have reservations but there wasn't a huge crowd and you could easily talk at your table!  Snowbirds are gone!!  Well, except for us!

Of course, I had to take some pics!  Poor Jan was starting to get a cold, but the trooper she is, she still had a smile on her face!

Of course Marilyn and John are always smiling!

And then there are the two bad boys!  Always getting into trouble!
It was a fun night and tonight is our last night with the 'gang' at Blanca's for 2015!  We are certainly will miss our Thursday night outings!!  I'm sure Bob and I will talk about them on Thursday nights while we sit at home! OK, maybe not but we will miss our dinners out!  Back in Michigan we just don't go out to dinner that often...maybe once a week...maybe every two weeks.  But that's OK.  We make up for it during the winter! 
So, this is the 'P' for packing!  I had boxed up all my art supplies and placed them in the spare room (or better known as my sewing room!) closet.  

And this is the back seat of the car...actually, the boxes are on the floor in the back seat area.

Space saver bags go on the seat so there area is raised up for Kalee's crate.  She sits behind the driver's side in her crate but being higher up she can see out the window.

And this is my 'stuff' in the back behind the passenger seat.  That bubble wrap item on the seat is my painted canvas I purchased at the art fair this year.  It will be going in the back with the suitcases and golf least that's my hope!!!  Yikes!

Well, time to get ready for dinner....tomorrow is leftovers and then we leave on Saturday!  Boo hoo...but I am anxious to get home and see my family, friends and our house.  Now to hope for good weather so Bob doesn't complain about not being able to golf !

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