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Sunday, April 12, 2015


You know we artsy folks like to have lots of space to lay out our projects!  Back home I have a large sewing table and two cabinets with counter space.  Here in Florida I have a large table that Larry and Jan allow me to set up in the 'sewing' room.  But, of course, I have so many projects ongoing they take up any space left from my sewing machine and, what to do!  Use the bed as a counter space!  My sewing room here is a bedroom.

Only problem, that's also where Kalee lays while I work.  When it's time for her dinner though, she gets quite 'active', hence...look at what happened to my hex background today!!!
Yep...Kalee threw herself around the bed and was jiving trying to get my attention.  Well, she did get my attention!  So it's back to one of the pictures I took of my piece to help put the hexes back in order!

 I only have 3 rows sewn together and have a total of 21 to do.  Actually, Kalee only messed up the bottom part so it's not that bad....yep, my glass is always "half full"...dontcha know!

I did get in some sewing today by making a few birthday fiber cards.  There sure are a lot of BD's in April and May!!
I just had to finish edging the card on the left. The fabric was a hand dyed I did a few years ago!  I like the colors so thought it just needed some machine quilting then edged each with variegated thread.   I didn't want to cut it up or cover with any 'stuff'.

So now it's time to watch the Tiger's play baseball!!  We taped the game so we could watch the Master's, which was good also!  Tiger's are ahead 6-1 so far (3rd inning).  Woohoo!


  1. I would have loved to see your face after Kalee's circus act!!!

  2. Oh my, I cringed at the projects getting messed up. Fortunately not too much went wrong given having just a few rows joined. But it was dinner time after all! Leaving today- have a good week.

  3. Those darned dogs!! But don't we love them!! Funny how we always find a space to be creative. I've been trying to contain my lately, but it's tough.
    xx, Carol

  4. Too bad there wasn't a "Save" button for those hexies before Kaylee got rambunctious. Happy Hexie Sewing...

  5. I took all afternoon one time to lay out dozens of petals of sunflowers to applique. Before I could pin or baste them my bird took flight over the table and petals went every where! I feel your pain😕

  6. Found it!!! Yay! I love hexies done this way and crave doing it after the straight and narrow of Grandmother's Flower Garden. I'm pretty sure there will be another hexie quilt in my future, one like this... only it will be machine quilted for sure.


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