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Friday, April 10, 2015

More Food!

Well, of course this post involves food!!!  Wednesday night we had a very entertaining night with Carolyn and Bob, golf buddy to Bob and neighbors behind us!  What a fun evening...we learned even more about this interesting couple and the food (we ate at Carmine's!) was great as usual.   Bob & Bob both had fettuccini with blackened chicken and I had Vegetable Primavera...yum!  And we have leftovers in the freezer....Carolyn had Chicken Marsala and it looked delicious!   I may order that next time!

Last night the 'gang' ate at Chili's and we had a fun night.  I had their Mexican bowl which was good but Bob ordered a trio Mexican dish which he wasn't that fond of!  But all in all it was another fun night!

This afternoon, Jan, Marcia and I are headed to downtown Ocala for lunch and just to walk around the square and perhaps pop in and out of stores!  The downtown area is quaint but there are some interesting shops.

Then the four of us are headed to Blanca's for dinner then the 'gang' is headed over to Jan and Mac's for cake and ice cream...we're celebrating Mac's BD!  I'll post more on that tomorrow.

Oh, Kalee and I did our mile walk this a.m.  It was quite warm but I needed to walk!!!  Have to burn off all these calories!!!  We do plan on staying home for dinner on Saturday and Sunday!  I have a freezer full of leftovers from restaurants that I need to start clearing out!  Go figure!


  1. Here's an outing for you and friends if you haven't done it- the Ocala Saturday Farmer's Market right across from Harry's. Wonderful artisan bread from Santa Fe Baker, local honey, a great soap booth, plentiful produce. And my friend who has the booth at the antique mall is thinking that event on the 18th is going to be a good one! I'm between trips- home from retreat, preparing for AZ.

  2. This is such a great way to spend time...with friends and food! We have been eating out way too much as we are celebrating hubby's birthday this month with lots of friends. My husband does love food! I NEED to walk as I am feeling very heavy...


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