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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hardwood BBQ

 Well, it's been at least a day since I posted on a food outing so not to disappoint any foodies I have as followers!  Last Thursday the 'gang' head off for a BBQ dinner at the Hardwood Smokehouse in Ocala.

Now, as you know,  I'm not a great fan of beef or pork BUT the food was fantastic!  I mean excellent!!  And I ate both pork and beef!


Bob and I shared a selection called  Q for Two...  a sampling of their signature smoked pulled pork, chopped beef brisket &  Baby Back Ribs.  It was so good!  And we even got their peach cobbler for dessert!  

The waitstaff was excellent as well!  Janice and Railyn were a hoot (yet professional!).  And the server who brought our food was a perfect gentleman!!!  So polite and he was serving 11 of us!  You order up front then your food is brought to your table and they serve wine and beer!  What's not to like!!!

If you're in the Ocala area and love BBQ, head to Hardwood's...I don't think you'll be disappointed!

As usual we had such a fun evening...only one more Thursday to be with the 'gang'....we'll be heading home on Saturday and will miss everyone!! 

 Tonight, Bob and I joined Peggy and Sammy for a great meal at Pavarotti's !  The garlic knots are to die for!!!!  So, so good!!!!  Their salad is cold and fresh and their Italian dressing is made on site and very, very good.  I had the stuffed shells, which were great and so was everyone else's dishes!
Of course the meals are so large you'll always have leftovers, which isn't bad...except we only have two nights (so far!) that we'll be eating at home!!!  
Speaking of Peggy....I'm going to her house tomorrow a.m. to see a piece she's been working on and one that I've been taking pics of her progress.  She's creating a textured piece on canvas using Gesso and gel medium, string, cheese cloth and other 'finds' from the garage!  Can't wait to see the progress and to post so you can see as well!  Until then, it's off to do my 7 minute exercises...hmmmmm  maybe I need to do 14 minutes because of the extra knots I ate!


  1. Perhaps it's a good thing you are returning to MI.....I'm sure you must be the cause of my weight gain as I nearly run for the kitchen after reading about your restaurant outings!! Safe travels....

  2. There are so many great restaurants down there!! You certainly have a large group of friends too. That's wonderful!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Love getting your restaurant reviews as we've not tried Hardwoods. We will now. Already like Pavarotti's. Your final days will be a whirlwind! Glad you've had a good (but fast) stay in Ocala. I look forward to the canvas/string/gel medium concoction- right up my alley.

  4. I will miss all the foody fun you have with your friends in Florida. We just ate at Lucille's BBQ in Roseville CA and it was okay. Your visit this year seems much shorter...or am I just getting older?!! Peach Cobbler is my favorite...with Vanilla Ice Cream!

  5. Just saw a tip you might want to use- want to send it to you before I forget since you'll be traveling. The tip- use contact paper to lay out and keep hexagons positioned in their proper place as you are joining them. No more issues with Kalee upsetting the layout!

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