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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gypsy Gold Horse Farm

What a great day we Zippers had for our outing today (we decided to stay on the ground for this outing!).    Marcia suggested we take a tour of the Gypsy Gold Horse Farm here in Ocala and it proved to be a perfect suggestion!   Eunice, Marcia, me! and Nako!  Sorry...I don't remember the horses name nor his handler!  This was a can see a head shot of him further down in this post.

 I'm not going to write about the history of this beautiful animal, that's what they have a web site for (and Google!).   If you have any interest in horses at all, you should read the information on the web site....just so fascinating.  Better yet, if you're in the Ocala area, sign up for a tour!  Then you can hear from the "horses mouth"!  OK, I had to say that didn't I!

The tour started out with us sitting in the barn area and listening to Dennis Thompson, the owner of the farm, providing stories on how he discovered this unique breed and brought them to America.   A beautiful animal isn't he!

Mr. Thompson is definitely someone you want to have dinner with!  He had such interesting stories to tell and knows so much about the history of this breed in addition to knowing history, period!  Just a fascinating gentleman.

After his talk, which lasted at least 30 min., they brought out two of their stallions that were beautiful about a disposition!  Mr. Thompson refers to these horses as the Golden Retriever of Horses!  That's a fitting statement.   I was so impressed with all them on the farm.

There were also four huge bird aviaries which housed Macaws...beautiful animals too!

I am going to research and read more about the Gypsy Horse just because I was so intrigued with the breed.  Sure made me want to ride again!!!

Well, no day is complete without eating, right!  So off we ladies went and had lunch at MiMi's...I've mentioned this restaurant before (Susan and I ate there a week or two ago).  We had a really good meal and it was the right finish to end our Zipper day together!  I do look forward to next year and to see what trouble, I mean, outing we'll do!


  1. I am not much on animals...but these horses are beautiful. I like them from afar. Looks like you ladies had a wonderful outing.

  2. What a full life you have.... along with your gal pals. Heading back North may be bitter sweet but then again.....think Grandchildren!!

  3. What a cool thing to do. I think there is no end to the ideas you and your friends can cook up. AND, I am sure you know where every restaurant and margarita can be found in your Florida town!! Love to read about your activities.
    xx, Carol


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