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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Out of this World

Our latest challenge on Art Quilters Around the World was 'Out of this World'!  So here is my little piece of 'out of this world'!  Batik background which was filled with #11 Japanese seed beads.

 Moons were hand appliqued circles  and free motion quilting.

The center  'moon' is REALLY puffy!  It's filled with pillow stuffing so it 'puffs' out!  OK, this was a fun piece!!!  What can I say! Yep, that's my finger showing how puffy it is!  Hope you enjoy!


  1. You've certainly achieved a feeling of deep outer's a great piece Robbie.....& I'm loving the beading!

  2. Puffy good! This is so eye catching with lots of depth.

  3. Robbie Dear this piece is truly MAGICAL!!! Your design and quilting and beading is beautiful! Creative Cosmic Bliss...

  4. I LOVE this piece. How big is it? The beading and quilting really add nicely to the piece.

  5. Very cool! and the fabric you found for the moon is perfect.
    xx, Carol


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