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Monday, June 1, 2015

Just keeping busy!

I've been sewing hex's while watching TV at night but back to playing during the daytime.  I finally finished my piece for the Master's Exhibit: Artist is Rick Loudermilk.  It's a tad brighter then most of his work but still my interpretation of his work, right!   For our exhibit, and only for Mr. Loudermilk, we are using a gallery wrap canvas to put our quilted work on.  If I make another one, I will most likely paint the canvas vs keeping it white.

I fused circles on the outside onto the canvas and using a micro pen, colored in what is suppose to look like a buttonhole stitch! Well, from a 747 it looks like a buttonhole stitch!  The circles on the edges are fused around to the back as well and filled in with the pen.  I just used Perle Cotton to attach the quilt to the canvas.  Pretty easy to do.

This is what my piece started out as....

I'm going to start working on our next artist, MaryAnn  Beckwith, from Michigan!  It will be a patchwork piece and in bright blues and oranges!   Those aren't necessarily Ms. Beckwith's colors but they are what I'm using!! I'll post progress on that piece in my next post.


  1. I love how this turned always do such a great job on these challenges!

  2. Really interesting piece! You did lots of unique things like the pen stitch.

  3. I am always enthralled to see what you are working on. This work on canvas will be stunning. June JOY...


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