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Friday, June 19, 2015

A doodle winner!

Yep...that was me a week ago!  June, from A Creative Dream, had one of her doodles published in the summer issue of Zen Doodle Workshop and gave away some prints of her piece!  And I won one!!!!

June does some really cool, interesting techniques in addition to doodles as she paints and creates!!  Be sure to check out her blog!   This is the print I won...and you can also see in it the Gallery section of the magazine.

Thanks, June!!!  I really like this piece!!!  She needs to participate in Lynn's Weekly Pattern Wednesday!!    What about that, June???

And as I was putting away some fabric earlier this week...I found some of my fabric I printed using Solar can see some of the results here.   I think it pretty cool...I didn't at the time...but I do now!  Go figure!!!

Anyway, I'm thinking of quilting it with black thread and putting on canvas for our Master's Exhibit for the work of Rick Loudermilk.  I'll paint the canvas some of the same yellows/pinks/greens that are in the piece, for the  canvas background.    I played with some free motion quilting on a scrap piece of the fabric and the black stands out quite nicely.  So this is another project in my head...almost in my hands!!!
Well, you know I only have three projects in progress!!!  Let's make it an even four, right!!!  Idle hands are the devil's workshop...or something like least that's what my aunt would always tell me as a little girl!!!


  1. I’m smitten with your solar piece!!!!

  2. Another cool art piece in progress! Congrats on the win. I have several pieces of June's art. I absolutely love her whimsy.
    xx, Carol

  3. I like the prize you won! I follow Creative Dream also and have seen her work. Love the sun print piece you made! Only four projects? Wish I could say I have only four in progress. Of course I'm also counting the mixed media stuff, and online classes, and everything- so the profusion of stuff gets pretty wild in the sewing room.

  4. Congratulations on winning that lovely Doodle Art. I do so enjoy how you create fabrics and then find/create just the perfect project to use them in. Beautiful will become spectacular in your hands that never sit idle. June JOY...


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