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Saturday, June 13, 2015

This and that!

I made some fiber cards for my Florida I just hope they receive them!   The red and green is some  fabric I dyed many years ago using bubble wrap.   I free motion quilted and added some pen strokes on some of the quilting motifs.  The first one is just for a friend to say hello.

The next two are for friends for their upcoming Birthday's!

As to my statement I hope they get them....for a friends birthday in Ocala this past winter, it took 10 days for one of my friends to receive her card and she only lived two streets over from our house in Florida!

 Then in April I sent two more to Michigan and one to Indiana and it took over 5 weeks!  5 weeks!!!!!  That's just ridiculous!!  And I always take the cards to have them weighed and hand stamped.  Yes, this upsets me because I have never had a problem mailing from Michigan (other than once and that was my fault for wrong zip code).

So I make sure I document for now on when I make cards and when I mail them.  Just so my friends don't think I forgot them!! Geezzzz   Yes, my rant is now over....thank you for listening!


  1. I always marvel at how well you intragate and elevate your work with your beautiful and well chosen quilting motifs!

  2. Pretty, pretty- hope they don't take the scenic route like the others!


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