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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Playing Grandma

Nick spent a few days with grandma and is different with us, that's for sure!  I'm afraid I am a rules kinda grandma..."put things away when you're done with them", "no you can't eat all that sweet stuff.  I have fruit and sugar free jello, etc.", "now it's time for our walk", "brush your teeth", yada, yada!
But in between we did have some fun!  HA
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Nick brought his XBox which he hooked up quickly to show us some of the cars in his 'garage'!

He wouldn't do my 7 Minute exercise routine and instead opted to play soccer on the XBox.

Of course we have to play a game or two of pool!  He only beat me by 2 points!  Hey, last I played was in the fall!

Beside walking Kalee twice a day, each day...we also got to walk Dillon, my neighbors 3 legged dog.  He is so cute and really liked Nick a lot!!

After Dillon, we took Kalee and Logan, my neighbors Labradoodle for a mile walk.  He did so good.  I think we wore all the dogs out!

Thursday, we went  to see Jurassic World in Imax.  It was pretty cool...acting wasn't the greatest...wasn't bad just not great...with the exception of the two kids!  They were really good!!!  I think they out shined the adult actors.   I was quite impressed with them.  And the special effects were quite good, which is to be expected.  And the Imax experience is the only way to see this movie.  I only fell out of my seat once!

We are still debating about what to do until the time to take Nick between "I don't know" or "I don't know" (both comments from Nick)...I don't know what we're doing!  HA


  1. Great fun. They keep you hopping, not that you need any inspiration for THAT!! My daughter saw JP with my youngest grandson (18) and they loved it too. They liked Mad Max just as well. I think the next time I go to the theater will be a moving I saw that is coming out, I think on Labor Day, with Nick Nolte and Robert Redford. I can only hope I can convince Terry that we MUST go, lol. He likes to go to sleep in theatres.

    xx, Carol

  2. Well you're pretty good at pool.. Nice to give him a challenge. You truly fell off the seat?? I don't know what you'll do either but it will be fun no doubt. They're not easy to impress.

  3. Being Grandma is such a wonderful "job". You could go a real bowling alley...not on TV virtual. Just my old fashioned 2 cents worth. lol


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