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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Queen of Unsewing!

This is the design (on tracing paper) I made for my patchwork #2 piece.  I was so excited to start the hand stitching this weekend, got out my and dark blue, needle ready....but a lady came to visit me!  The Queen of Unsewing!!!

Yep, that's me!   I  settled in to watch season 3 of 'Orange is the New Black', and got carried away with hand stitching!  In the first picture below I started stitching each circle with dark blue thread and finished outlining all four circles!

Then I started stitching the inner circles...still using my blue thread, still watching my series and finished about 3/4 of an entire circle, hung the piece up on my board and started dinner.

When I got back in the room after dinner, I looked at the piece and thought...ugh....the dark blue fades right out on the blue fabric!  See the small blue patch with the 'blue' thread outlining.  Doesn't really stand out....Well, duh!!! So...what to do but 'unsew'...and there was a lot of unsewing to do!!!

The white lines are the white pencil I use to mark the arches.  I was removing all the lines I had can see some of the blue not removed at the top right corner.

You can really see in this picture at the bottom right how the blue fades on the blue but how nice the contrast is on the orange.

This is the back to show some of the stitches removed...this is just one part of a circle!   Good TV work!!  NOT!!!  It's really called a waste of time...not thinking ahead!  

And this is what it looks like now!  So much the "Queen" will get busy sewing.....let's hope 'she' can retire....but I honestly think she will be around for a long time!


  1. OOH! You are so right and it looks great. Oh well, I'm sure you'll make up for lost time during the next Tigers game. I am holding my breath for tonight's Blackhawk game. Kyle will be going into Chicago tomorrow for the parade if they wrap it up tonight. It's so exciting!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Yes, much better. The blue on blue would look like a drop-out area In the overall view. thankfully this was hand quilting to remove, not machine!

  3. It was worth the unsewing. It's looking great!

  4. It does look so much better with the contrast stitching. Think of the unsewing as a meditation.

  5. Robbie Dear you do like perfection and that is exactly what you have achieved with your change of thread colors for the fabrics. The blue didn't do justice and now all your beautiful little hand stitches are showing perfectly! Thankfully you caught it when you did. Creative Bliss and June JOY...

  6. Well Live and learn I guess. It looks great now.


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