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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hex Horse #2 Progress

I'm working away on my hex background for my patchwork horse!  I have each hex 'column' sewn and started to sew the columns/rows together!

I think the patchwork horse (leftover from my Horse Hex#1 piece) will fit quite well.

Now the sewing begins!!!  I have made quite a bit of progress getting the rows/columns sewn together...well, it might not seem like a lot to you but it is to me!   These are 1" hex's and the background needs to be at least 18" x 21" the finished piece needs to be 16" x 18".

I sewed row 1 to row 2 and row 3 to row 4... I have now started sewing row 2 to row 3, you can see on the left side, which will give me four rows finished. I'm half way to sewing those four rows together.

I'll just continue sewing two rows together then sewing four I know my readers don't care but I like to document my process since I forget from year to year!!   Honest, I do!

And to answer a question posed to me..."why or how do you work on so many different projects at once?"

Well, first off...I'm one of those folks who has every form of arthritis you can name...starting with RA (Rheumatoid) and of course osteoarthritis, yada, yada.....the old hands still work (they don't look pretty!!!)  but I try to alternate the type of stitching I'm doing.
One day I may hand stitch on my Patchwork #2 piece, which is a form of stab stitching...then a day or two later I might pick up my knitting needles....or I'll start stitching the hex's together.  Each of these types of hand work affects my joints differently...hence, I work on different projects at the same time!!  Some days, if my hands are really bad, I might just cut up some fabric to piece by machine or dye some fabric or look at art books for new ideas!  Gotta keep those hands busy!!!!  Hope that answers the question!!  I do finish my projects but you never know which one will get finished first!!!  It all depends on the hands!!!  HA


  1. You amaze me. I love the background.

  2. The blue horse on the background really pops. Love it.

  3. Love the color change through the background! I can see why you work on what your hands will tolerate. And you do get your projects done- we love seeing them! I don't have an excuse- I just flit around from thing to thing like a hummingbird- ha.

  4. Robbie dear this is gorgeous. I always admire how many projects you have going at once and that you always finish them! I am sorry you have such Arthritis issues. My Grandma would always have multiple projects going and she would work on all of them at different times. She was amazing too! Blessed Father's Day...

  5. Your hexie project is looking REALLY good! It does take a LONG time to piece those hexies. Ask me how I know!!! LOL.

  6. This will be another winner. I love the subtle color change in the hex's and the blue horse is a great contrast.

  7. This is amazing! I love the colours, especially with the horse in front.


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