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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nothing is safe in this house!

OK, so Linda Kemshall is at it again...just tempting me to keep playing!  One of Linda's latest video's on her web site is call "Fractured Color".  Linda showed how to use the transfer dyes to obtain some really cool patterns. 
Back in 2009,  I did purchase some disperse powder dyes from Prochem and played.  My results were and too crafty looking for me but I had fun playing.  Around that same time I did purchase Linda's book 'Color Moves' and played some more!  Again...ok results but nothing earth shattering...just fun playing. 
When I saw Linda's video on using the transfer dyes yesterday I couldn't wait to play again today!  Only problem was I didn't think I had any poly before going to the Farmer's Market this a.m. I headed off to JoAnn Fabrics to buy some fabric.  They only had pink in the 65% poly/35cotton but that was fine.
When I got home, I painted some more papers in reds and blues (using the leftover mixed up dyes from 2009!).  Waiting for the papers to dry I checked in my dyeing fabric bin and found  some white poly/cotton fabric from 2009 and  guess what else I found!   THESE!
These are a pair of hubby's shorts that he 'outgrew'!  OK, so I'm thinking that's why they were in my dye bin!  You never know because Bob is always asking me to dye his golf shirts, towels and socks, etc...I'd like to think these don't fit him anymore!
Anyway, I digress...Check out the label!  65% poly and 35% cotton!  So......
The missing leg is actually the first picture on my blog!   I cut into those shorts and took that piece of fabric and played!  Pretty cool, huh!  Nothing is safe in our house for sure! 
Next, I took the pink poly fabric I bought today and played with transferring on it.

Of course I couldn't stop so I took the white poly and used some old, green, painted transfer papers that I painted in 2009!  These papers and dyes last forever!  Well, maybe not forever but for several years!  This is proof and my favorite of the pieces I did today.

The greens are really more vibrant than what shows in the picture and the yellow is lovely. 

This is a closeup...looks so like crystals doesn't it! 
This piece is about 40" long and about 14" wide.  I think it will make a great table runner. 

Well, I think I'll go scout my hubby's drawers to see what else I can find!!  You just never know!!!  I just hope there's more poly/cotton fabric!!  Just hope he's watching golf and doesn't notice me taking clothes from his drawers!


  1. Here I thought that poly/cotton would not dye very well. I love the effect you achieved!

  2. Your dyed pieces are wonderfully filled with colors and the graphic effects. I have been known to cut up perfectly good clothes from our closets for my crafting too. Happy creative week ahead...

  3. Those colors are wonderful and the dyed effect is fascinating. You certainly have a flair for "making do" when you run out of supplies! Lots of fun.

  4. Disperse dyeing sounds like something very neat to try especially with results like these.