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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Overdye time!

My last post showed some oe stamped papers I did last week.  This weekend I overdyed some of those...some I wish I had left white but live and learn, right!  Here are some results.  These are all on layout paper and this time instead of using fiber dyes I just used Setacolor watered some cases I didn't use enough water-paint ratio.....actually, not enough water so some colors are too intense for me.
Before pics on the left and overdye on the right..

This feather one turned out pretty good.  I' not big on this shade of blue....but I think it will work as feature pieces vs background.

Yep...better before I 'overdye/painted'...

Ditto for this piece too, ugh.  The arches show up on the left and are lost on the right.  Oh well.

Not bad...again I think pieces of this can be used somewhere!

Not bad with addition of the blue overdye/painting.

I like this one too.

Another favorite...this one turned out really nice.

We should be using some of our papers from the last two weeks in the next week or two for doing some design/collage work in our sketchbooks.  Should be fun!!!


  1. What fun!! AND….what a difference over-dyeing makes!!

  2. Always an experiment. I like the two feather ones especially.


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