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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Is there a difference?

I sent away for a free sample of a new fusible web called FlexiFuse.  This week I received the 10 pack ($9.95 - but free!) and thought I would 'test' it out today!    I plan on giving each of the ladies in our Aussome Study Group a sheet to play/test with too

I started out fusing 3 different fusible webs to a piece of batting:  FlexiFuse, MistyFuse and Heat 'n Bond lite.  Each strip was approximately 2 inch strips.

I then fused one of my stamped/dyed papers to a small piece of batting.  Of course, each piece fused easily and the paper(s) came off, again easily, from the FlexiFuse and Heat 'n Bond.

I was going to hand stitch through each but I got sidetracked (go figure!)  and just ended up free motion quilting.

I like  that both the FlexiFuse and Heat 'n Bond  have a backing to's one of the issues I have with Misty Fuse...yes, it's very sheer to use, especially for silk or lightweight fabrics, but it bugs me that I always forget to get out my Teflon sheet or paper backing I've saved, so I can fuse to my fabric.  I usually just fuse a 'piece' of fabric (fat quarter/1/2 yard/etc.) vs a shape so I can make it work but, again, I'd prefer to have a backing.

As far as stitching through each fusible, I was free motion quilting and I don't think I noticed any difference...although, at one point I had to take a peek to see which area/fusible I was stitching over, as it seemed very was the FlexiFuse.  Hmmmmm  Was it just my imagination??

As far as price, I think both FlexiFuse and Heat 'n Bond are very comparable but MistyFuse and FelxiFuse aren't available at Joann's. I ended up stitching a buttonhole stitch on the sides, added the front address label and dropped in our mail box for the postal lady to pick up. But, of course, I forgot to take a picture of the finished card!  So, what's my opinion of FlexiFuse??  I liked it...nothing I didn't like about it.  I'm going to experiment more and perhaps try this again and do some hand stitching to see how easy it is compared to the other two fusibles.

I ended up finishing the fiber card  for our neighbor, who dressed up as the Easter Bunny  on Easter.  Her hubby drove  her through our neighborhood/sub waving at the kids at the end of their driveways on Sunday morning!  I thought it was so nice of her to do this!!!   She said she hoped it would put a smile on folks and she knew it would make her feel good too.

I know the kids and parents enjoyed seeing Theresa, a.k.a. Easter Bunny!

and speaking of are our two little ones all dressed up for Easter...well, kinda!!!


  1. I've not hear of Flexi-Fuse, so your comments are good to know. I have the same issue with Misty Fuse that you do- I feel as if I'm working with a cobweb! The girls look adorable for Easter and your neighbor did a sweet thing for the families.

  2. Good to know about any new fusible…..Like Nancy, I wasn’t familiar with Flexi-Fuse….will be looking for it.


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