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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Inspiration/Theme Sketch Book

And before I get into this would be the birthday of  my Florida bud, Sally, who passed away in 2017!  I can't tell you how often I think of her..Happy Birthday, my friend!
One of our last pictures in 2017

Year 2 of Hilary's MIP online class has started this past week!  Our first homework is creating our 'Inspiration/Theme book'.  It's interesting, over the years I have saved bits and pieces of pictures, cards, photo's, etc. that I liked.  Never really knew what I was going to do with them all, but they were in a tupperware storage bin.  So I started my theme sketch book by pasting in some of what I've saved!

Part of our focus is to look at our 'inner child', which I'm not going into now.  I'm more focused right now on having fun with my sketch book.  We also need to look at different shapes in our pages, which is what I did this week.  So here's what I've been doing, in addition to listening to all the Coronavirus info!!!!

Each picture shows a  Before and After - and actually 'work in progress'!!!

I saved this picture from a newspaper article several, several years ago!

I added some colored pencils as well as extending some of the circles...just playing!!

I haven't done much with this page yet.  The leaf print was from a card I received!  I've always liked this card and some of the magazine pages I've saved seemed to fit right it!

Another work in leaf on the left side of the page(s)  is from another card and the top flower is a postcard and, again, addition of a leaf picture from a magazine at the bottom.

I've just started on this page..I added extensions to the picture on the top left and added some additional window daughter took this photograph when she was in Italy back in 2008??  I think the top (left) pic will make a good stencil/stamp least the shapes will.

Again, more pictures my daughter took on her trip to Italy.  I love the shapes in the buildings...another work in progress.

More pictures from my daughter's trip to Italy.  The picture in the center is one I found in a quilting magazine years ago!!!  I've always loved the colors and pattern(s).

I'm still working on this page and think for our next 'homework/lesson' we'll be creating stamps/stencils.  I love the shapes in this picture so hope to create stamps with that image.  But you never know!!!


  1. I love this idea...I was never one to sketch anything as I can't draw but do love all bits and pieces in one place for inspiration

  2. This is such a wonderful way to use the accumulation of lovely images!

  3. Gosh, It seems so much longer ago that Sally passed. We were supposed to have our 50 year class reunion. When I told Vicki (in charge of tracking down classmates) that Sally had passed, she mentioned that we have lost a lot of classmates. Though I don't draw, I enjoy all of the art you create.
    xx, Carol


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