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Friday, April 24, 2020

Making foam stamps

We're still working away in Hilary's MIP online class.  Looking at shapes/themes we like and creating stamps and printing.  Today I made a few stamps - positive and negative and printed using the geli plate and printing on deli and layout papers.

I'm using Setacolor paints.

Deli paper on the left and layout paper on the right

Again, deli paper on the left and layout paper on the right.  Deli paper will allow us to layer over our stamped work.
Had fun yesterday and it was so much better than reading posts on FB from obnoxious/opinionated folks on the world today!  OMG...wish they would go to an island somewhere or else just run for office if they think they can make a difference!  Today is my rant day!!!  Sorry...

Thank goodness for my dogs....


  1. I really like your stamp. So glad you mentioned positive/negative. I think I might have tossed those trimmings and missed opportunity in them. Sweetest photo of your girl- is it Kalee?

  2. What a lovely blog Robbie - I've been doing Hilary's MIP course with you for over a year, and only just discovered this!

  3. Agree wholeheartedly! You're inspiring me to focus and create. Carving out own stamps is so much fun!!!!

  4. Interested in what kind of foam you are using for your stamps. And I agree too…..enough of all the experts and blabber mouths…..everyone turing adding a word here and there that changes the context of a statement to support their agenda. AND…being mean about it….that’s not helping anyone. This time in our lives suck….more so for many others than me, so I’m just staying home & being grateful for my situation and my internet pals that keep me inspired.


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