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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Still stampin away!!!

So while I'm waiting for our 3 p.m. happy hour!, I've been using gelli printing on papers...we'll be using these in our sketchbook in a week or two.  I think I have a good stock of papers...I'm still trying to decide on my theme and, so far, I know it will be geometric/architecture or foliage.  I think!!

These are printed on layout papers and only 3 or 4 deli papers, which will be used for layers. in our sketchbooks.  Lots of fun being productive and don't have to listen to folks complaining!  Win/Win!!

I made a feather stamp from the stickie back foam.

I was playing around mixing up colors....not my strong suit!

Not bad....

Back using my arch stamp....

This was actual paper I used to clean off the gelli plate and stamps.  I'll most likely overdye it to fad the white.

This was deli paper

I used a stencil on the gelli plate and added the feather stamp.

Another print on deli paper.

The green was an old stamp I made....can't remember what I used for the gray/black part!

I had a good few hours playing with the Gelli plate and my stamps.  Look forward to our next lesson!!!

And, yes, I look forward to our normal life...but so thankful we have food and a home to be in for this difficult time.......


  1. Oh, you'll have a good selection indeed! Feathers- love them. I forgot- I made a feather stamp from foam, too. Must find it and dig it out for use.

  2. I especially love the feathers! 3:00 PM Happy Hour….pretty soon ours will begin at noon if lockdown doesn’t end soon!


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