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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Just Keeping Busy!!

 Yep, I ended up making some masks!  But just for us and my of our quilt guilds in the area made up quite a few for Hurley one point, they weren't accepting any but now they nice of the ladies from the guild to do this!!

Of course, I had to make a few with dog prints on them!

In between this 'mask making', which didn't take much time!  HA, I'm playing with my beaded wren's background!  I've made the hex circular area behind the bird...just sewed interfacing to the back, turned inside out and pressed.  I'll applique it down once I've decided on what I'm doing, which could take quite some time, right!

I've made several different hex's in different colors...the background is an old - and I mean old sky dyed fabric I purchased my first year going to the IQA show in Texas!  Yes, it's original 'sky dye' from Mickey Lawler!  I think this is my last piece that I purchased from her...this was early in 2001 or 2002...I ended up taking a class from her at QSDS, also several years ago! 

So these are just some samples I'm playing with...nothing is set in stone yet and I'm not sure how I will layout the hex's...but I will be using them...somehow...someway!!!

I really like these hex's!!!

Just laying out some hex's on the paper I copied.

I just started making these hex's and I'm really liking them...not too bright...not too light...but, who knows!  Not me for sure!

Hope ya all are staying safe and keeping busy!!!


  1. Oh, I do like that background fabric with your wren! Like you, I've made masks also- most for personal use. I mailed two to our son in Charlotte, but they got lost in the mail (the empty envelope arrived). I tried sending them without a visit to the PO, but I guess the envelope was too flimsy. So I sent another batch via Priority and they arrived just fine. I know you are staying busy, no problem! Stay well, too.

  2. You certainly are accomplishing a lot….finding the perfect design match can be time consuming but your efforts are always worth it!


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