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Friday, June 23, 2017

Stencil Time

I was inspired, as usual, from one of Mary Stori's recent posts.  Mary added some little birds to a piece she recently finished.  This quilt is beautiful and the 3 little birds Mary added just completed her piece.

As I said I was so inspired, and unlike Mary who just found some birds to draw, I headed to Mary Beth Shaw's web site to find some bird stencils.  I have several of Mary Shaw's stencils and use them often in my a stencil for rubbings or mono printing, etc.

 Of course I found more than one stencil!  Here is the bird stencil I purchased.

Then I found these clustered leaves.....

And finally this tree!

Funny I ended up playing with the tree rather than the birds!  Go figure!

I had some black fabric that I wanted to use so out came the fabric paints and off I went to do some mono printing!

I started off covering a plastic scrap booking 12"x12" sleeve (waste not..want not!  HA) with a metallic fabric paint.  I like using these sleeves if I want a larger surface to stencil/mono print.  Otherwise, I use a piece of 8" x 11" glass from an old frame.  I use a foam brayer to roll/cover the sleeve (or glass) with the paint.  Works great.  The white around the sleeve is my stamping pad.  The entire 12"x12" sleeve is covered with paint.  My stencil is 9"x12".

Then  I placed the stencil on top of the painted sleeve....

Next, I laid my fabric on top of the stencil and using a hard brayer rolled over the entire area  to ensure all the fabric was printed.  Ignore the leaves on this piece/picture.  This is really the back of my fabric!!!  I previously did some thermofax screen printing and this was one of the results...yep, back to waste not, want not, right!  I wanted just to print on the  plain black side.

I ended up making six of these!!

They all pretty much look alike so I won't bore you with any more pictures....I have some ideas to play with these but I really think I need to mono print the birds next.

I do get off track from time to time...After all, the birds were my inspiration, right Mary!!


  1. Oh Robbie… are too kind……. No matter what the inspiration….your tree printing is awesome! Of course what you create with them I know will be stunning as always…..can’t wait to see the reveal!

  2. Two thumbs up...and a double snap!! <3

  3. You picked some lovely stencils. I look forward to seeing what you will do with the tree printings.

  4. I love trees and birds, I can't wait to see what you do with them

  5. I'm a tree hugger and lover so I'm in love with your new stencils....anxious to see what you do with them

  6. That tree stencil is fabulous! I just know you will keep making these tree pieces even more magical when you play with your art supplies. I'll be back to see your progress dear...<3


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