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Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review Time!

Those of you who follow my blog know I love handwork.  I've dabbled in shibori from time to time and have posted posted some of my results.  You can see one post here, which also links to a previous shibori post.
In creating some shibori pieces, I've used templates from Jane Callender's web site, which you'll see in post(s) above.  I have several  templates and have used them with great success...her instructions are easy to follow and the diagrams are perfect for us "show me" gals!

Recently I ordered her book Stitched Shibori and I LOVE it!  What a great book!!!

I even did a review on Amazon for the book, that's how impressed I am!  She takes you from beginning to end of the process.. There are so many different stitching patterns and well explained/detailed pictures and instructions. I can't wait to get started!! She also includes sections on Indigo dyeing, natural dyeing, fiber reactive....This book is for beginning shibori stitchers or those just wanted to learn!!!  

If you have any interest at all in shibori type work, pick up this book!!!  Well worth it!  Now to see how much I can do before surgery!!  Woohoo!!

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