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Friday, June 9, 2017

Another standstill.... :(

After Ron left on Sunday, I prepped dinner, started laundry and then went into my little studio to play.  I took a piece of a deconstructed screen print I had made while in Florida.  When we got home in May, I did rubbings from one of my hand carved stamps and NeoColor 1 pastels...I really like the colors and had visions of what I could do to enhance the piece.

 I copied from one of the Dover books a leaf and printed onto to tracing paper.  I  added a 2 1/2" strip of green batik I had in my stash on the right side, which you can't see there!  Then I spray basted the the piece onto some batting.

I free motion stitched over the transfer paper...which does make it easy...but not so easy to remove the paper.  I used this same technique when creating the leaves on my table runner (see my last post) but it was more difficult, for some reason, to remove the paper today.  May have been due to the fact i spray basted the paper onto the fabric.  I don't think I did that last time...think I just used pins.   That dark area you see on the first leaf is the printed tracing paper.  I had already removed a good portion of the print.  And now you can see the green batik I added on the right side!

This is the back after I quilted the leaves..

And stitching a 99% of the paper removed!  HA

So then I decided I would do some hand embroidery...well, so much for that.  I barely got through on this leaf and had to quit.  My wrist won't take the motion!  So interesting what I can and can't do..even with the injection.  The free motion quilting didn't bother me at all..other than my back, which always hurts when I sew!  HA

So now to decide how to quilt this piece.  It's only 13" x 14" or so...just wanted to play....but guess I need to just play with the dogs or come up with another way to keep myself entertained!  Yes, Betty Davis, you were right...getting old isn't for sissy's!

Today I'm off to the Osteoporosis Clinic!  Who knew there was even such a thing!  Dr. said I'm in great shape for a 70 year old but my bones are like a 90 year old!  So....previous meds didn't agree with me so now she's sending me to this clinic.  Should be interesting and we shall see!!!


  1. I love what you’ve done so far…..great method to transfer design for stitching! On another note…..I too have tried EVERY osteoporosis medication available……going back years and years and years. I started on Prolia (an injection every 6 months) about 3 years ago……it’s actually working…..meaning I’m no longer losing bone mass……and possibly gained just a tiny bit. Might be worth looking into!

  2. I am praying that you'll find the answer that will allow you to do handwork again! I know that a lot can be done by machine today that couldn't in the "old days", but handwork is so soul-fulfilling <3

  3. When the Ray Bradberry Show opened, he would be in his library and you would hear him say "People ask me where do I get my ideas". That's what I think when I visit your blog, lol. Hope you get good answers at the clinic.
    xx, Carol

  4. I also hope you have success at the clinic. At least you can machine sew, you do such lovely creative work.

  5. Our health is worth more than gold as we age. May you find the solution to your pains and be able to create your amazing handwork pieces you do so well. Blessings Dear...<3


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