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Monday, June 5, 2017

Discharge Paste

Busy week...something different, right!  Had visit with ortho dr. for my wrist(s) and we'll be scheduling surgery to correct the tendon in my right wrist (I have what is known as de Quervain's) sometime in June or July...waiting to hear a date.  Not looking forward to this but I'll be happy to (hopefully!) be semi pain free.  If successful, I'll get the left one done as well.

In the meantime, playing again!  I was watching an old video from Laura Kemshall on using discharge paste and I just happened to have some on hand!  So what quilt could I use the paste on!!  Last fall I made a table runner (see that post here)  and it just called me to play with it.

This was the table runner before the paste!

I used a small foam brush to apply the paste, let dry, then ironed over the paste (with window open!)

Waiting for the paste to dry...which doesn't take long....

I still have to wash out the past but I do like the effect on the leaves.  If I had to do over I might just do the leaves and let the rest of the piece as is...but it looks good and who knows...I may just cover it with some more past instead of the 'lines'....

The background color is actually brighter than what appears in this picture.  But I'm happy and Bob still hasn't noticed!  HA  So I guess it's not that bad!

We also had an overnight visitor Saturday!  Ron, Bob's son, was in a bike race not far from us and he took 1st place!  Woohoo!!

It was really nice to have Ron for dinner and just to sit and talk Saturday night.  He left by eight  Sunday morning to head over to Holland to pick up MaryJo who was visiting her dad.  Then they were heading back to Indiana!  A lot of driving for him but so nice to have the time with him!!!

I have started to work on my 12" squares for another exchange...these are due in September but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do come surgery time!   So I best get busy!!!


  1. That’s quite a positive transformation on your table runner….such a good idea to get a fresh look to one’s work!

  2. Good luck with your wrist surgery! Keep us posted!

  3. I do love using discharge paste...such quick results and yours looks great on the table runner.

  4. You were courageous to give this a try after all the work on the runner. But the "ghosty" way this looks on the leaves is really nice. June or July for your surgery? Not fun to think about , but the resulting pain-free wrist will be a great stride ahead.

  5. Oh, yummy. Discharge paste is such fun to play with! I never thought of trying it on a finished piece, though.

    Have you ever played with those... darn,the name escapes me... the pastes that are supposed to simultaneously discharge and lay down a new color?

  6. Surgery for your wrist and soon you should be pain free. You certainly do have a fun time playing wth your fabrics and projects. The end result is very interesting. What is the discharge with a new color? I hope you play and share that one also. Blissful Playing Dear...<3

  7. Good luck with the wrist. I have my Ortho appt for lower back/hip tomorrow. We can share a hospital room!

  8. Good luck with the surgery. I'm so happy I had my toe done. I had carpal tunnel and that was damn bad! Pain free is good!!
    xx, Carol