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Saturday, June 17, 2017

My latest band wagon

OK, so ya all know the issue with my old wrist, which by the way, will be taken care of next Friday!  Woo I don't know how much I'll be posting after surgery.  The first week entails hard cast and no movement of the wrist.  After that it should be in a soft split or some such thing!   Piece of cake!

In the meantime, I have another issue that affects most women...osteoporosis.  I know myself for years and years, my Dr. has cautioned me about how brittle my bones are and that I have osteoporosis.  OK, so I go on different forms of calcium, vitamins, bone drugs...all of which caused me more issues with my stomach/etc. so of course, what do I do but stop all drugs.  Yes, I am known for this...I don't like putting drugs in my body because of all the side effects, of which I usually get them and more!

But this year after getting results of bone scan and being referred to osteoporosis clinic, I decided to be a big girl and research some of the vitamins/supplements to take.  AND will most likely be getting the every 6 month injection of Prolia.

Why the change?  I finally got frightened...the clinic PA scared me!  She said my bones are like a 90+ year old and are 30% worse than my last scan in 2015.  They also said just bending over could result in breaking a bone in my spine because the bones are so brittle and fragile!  You can see how brittle the bone is in this picture.  My Dr. actually had 'real' bones for me to see!

WHAT!!! Last summer I bent over to pick up a small dog (around 15 lbs) and broke a rib..I thought it was no big deal but the PA said "if that doesn't wake you up to how brittle your bones are, well....".  Talk about tough love!  OK...I'll do whatever you say!  HA HA

So...I am going to preach to my family and girl friends to make sure they get the bone scan at appropriate age and if not getting a bone scan...make sure you are getting enough calcium in your meals and take supplements!   Look up osteoporosis....see what foods are good for you to supply some calcium and get taking those supplements!!!!  Otherwise, we'll each be in a hospital room or assisted living housing, room bound,  because we are bed ridden with broken bones!!!!


  1. I was on one of the drugs for ten years. In the beginning I had stomach issues but I kept taking them. My bones are much better now but I worry about what next. You can only take them for ten years. That is the max. SO far I haven't relapsed. So yes, go on the drugs. No matter what. Stomach aches are nothing compared to your bones breaking. Good luck with the surgery.....You have a lot going on. Hugs.

  2. As you know from our discussions…..I’ve had osterporsis how for close to 20 years. No drug ever worked….often because I couldn’t tolerate them and had to discontinue use. 3 years ago my Ostporsis Doc. put me on Prolia…..the every 6 month costly injection. Finally my last bone scan showed no further loss….no gain, but no loss either. My doc is VERY detailed in her approach……one reason I’m commenting here….just in case someone doesn’t already know this……of course we need enough calicum in our diets……or via supplement. BUT the body does not absorb it without ample Vitamin D… sure to have that checked when they do blood work. Okay…off my soap box.

  3. Healing Energy for your wrist surgery. I am grateful for your post on bones and osteoporosis because I seriously have bad bones. My issue with taking Calcium is that I also suffer kidney stones that are calcium based. Two "surgeries" from those and I quit taking calcium. My doctors shall keep me apprised of my conditions. Stay safe and whole Sweet Robbie. <3

  4. My mom had the same problems with bones that you do. Her bones actually improved before the final nursing home and Alzheimer's took her. I made the right decisions for her there! Good luck with your surgery, been there as well. The worst was my right hand, there are just some things you cannot do with only the left hand!

  5. I always put off the bone density test. Guess I better get it done. Thanks for the shove. Hope all goes well with your surgery, as I'm sure it will.
    xx, Carol

  6. Good pictures and thank you for the "scare" really does wake one up as to how serious this is and important to eat better and do some research. I do have bone scans but haven't in a while so am putting it on my list!

  7. Whoa, that picture of bone would be enough to scare me too! Good luck with your surgery. I sure hope that it will (eventually) allow you to do some pain-free hand stitching in the future.


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