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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The English Pantry

Bob and I love the little town we live in and now I have another reason to love it!  It's called The English Pantry!   

The store is SO clean and inviting.  Each area is laid out so well....and they even have a room for coffee and teas to select from.  I had the dogs in the car with air conditioning running so I was quick to go through but not next time.  Also, just fyi...the prices are very, very reasonable and quality makes it even more reasonable!  Lots of GF foods too!

 I won't be buying my pasta/flour/nuts in the grocery store again!  So many different types of flour.....

Pasta....I bought some Gnocchi since Bob enjoys that in soups.  Just a big variety of pastas!  Corn pasta...who knew!

PLUS, the candy!!!! The dark chocolate malt candies are the bomb!!!! If for no other reason, you have to stop and try some candy! 

These are AMAZING!  Triple dipped dark chocolate!!!  Of course I also bought some dark chocolate raisins and pecans which are just as good!!!

And one item I missed!  How could that of my favorites!!!  Non-Pareils...Dawn and Amber know I love these and always surprise me with some when they find them!  You don't always see the dark chocolate ones!  On my list for the next visit to The English Pantry!

And Salted chick peas, nuts...I could go on and on! I may not have room for dinner tonight! Too busy snacking on my purchases today! Nolan, the owners son,  was wonderful at introducing the products and so helpful.  

If you happen around the Goodrich, Davison, Ortonville area...put this on your stop!  I can't wait for my buds to try this is now my favorite store!!!!  How could it not with all that dark chocolate candy!!!


  1. My kind of store!! We have a lot of Amish in this area and specialty stores are everywhere to support the tourists. It gets pretty common in this area and not much different. CORN PASTA? I'd love to try THAT!
    xx, CArol

  2. Always such a treat to find a good retail place with your favorite goodies. Triple dark chocolate malt balls...YUM!!! Happy shopping...<3


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