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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stencil Time - Part 2

Well, I finished my stencil piece this past weekend.  I posted on Stencil Time last week (here) and showed several of the tree  pieces I had printed.  It was hard to tell but the fabric paint was a pale turquoise metallic fabric paint.  The picture makes it look silver but it's not.  With that is the finished 12"x12" square.  Just playing.....and it really is square!  I laid it on the table to take a picture so.....but at least you don't see my feet!

I wanted to do quite a bit of hand stitching in this piece but didn't want to overwhelm it.  Here are some closeups.  I did machine stitch around most of the tree and its branches.  Who knows...I could always go back and add more hand work!

And I did some fee motion quilting as well as using an embroidery stitch on my machine.  And who can't NOT add beads on a piece!  ME!  I did hold off on the other two circles!  HA

I used a normal binding with black fabric but added a button hole stitch along the upper edge and side with DMC embroidery thread.  This was a silky embroidery thread!  Not sure when or why I bought it but the color was perfect..

And on one side at the bottom some more hand button hole stitch and hand stitching to hold the square in place..

The pink square with circle cut out is made of ultra suede.  I just happened to have some pink leftover from another project.  It's hard to see but if you  look close you'll see some black paint.  I stamped a strip of this suede with one of my hand cut stamps with black paint.

So that's one of the tree stencil squares.  Not sure what I'll do with the other  squares but they'll  get used somewhere!  You never know when they'll pop up!!


  1. I love that color accent on the edge!

  2. Even though it's small, it contains so many different techniques, fabrics, and elements. It's terrific. The stitch on the binding is a really nice touch.

  3. Stunning is an understatement! I just knew you would blow my mind with your tree stencil fabric piece. The details is where yoiu go above and beyond to create something extraordinary! Breathless Work of HeArt!!! <3

  4. Everything about this piece is perfection….I absolutely love it!!

  5. Beautiful!

    Needs more beads though


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