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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Titanic Exhibition

On Monday, Amber picked up Nick from football practice and drove up to our house....isn't it nice when the kids can drive themselves to grandma's house!  HA

Nick jumped in the shower (I made sure Amber packed some clothes for him!) while Amber and I picked up SubWay sandwiches for us.  After lunch we headed out to the Titanic Exhibit at the Sloan Museum!!   The exhibit was to be over the end of May but it's now extended until September 3rd!
I read an article in the Flint Journal that showed some of the artifacts and I was really intrigued.  You can read that article here....really interesting.    When you arrived at the entrance and show your purchased tour ticket, you are given a boarding pass to enter the exhibit!

The ship steward then welcomes by handing you a boarding pass and reading who you will be on the tour.  Yep, on the back of the ticket there was a person's name and information on what class they booked their travel and some info on them.  This was my boarding pass (the back of it).

At the end of the tour, you could look up your passengers name on the 'Lived' or 'Deceased' lists they had for 1st and 2nd class.  My lady, Mrs. Caldwell as well as her husband and son all survived.  Amber and Nick's passengers weren't so lucky!  They didn't make it!

It is amazing to think of the artifacts that are on display were able to be saved and preserved for history. even tiny vials of perfume.
Perfume vials
 Adolphe Saalfeld was a businessman who brought with him on the Titanic tiny vials of oil that he was going to produce perfume with in America.  I believe he brought with him 65 vials and they actually found 63 of these tiny vials and had some on display, with oil still in them!  You can read about some of the other unusual items recovered here.

Of course we had to have our picture taken with the ghost of the Titanic's Captain!

Oh, this was Nick riding one of the bikes in another area of the museum.  I think he enjoyed the bike and cranking the engine of an old Model T!  I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of Nick cranking the engine....Go figure!

If the Titanic exhibit comes to your area, or you live around the Flint area, do take an afternoon to visit the exhibit.  It's a bit of history we won't have many opportunities to see!  Oh, no pictures allowed...which was too bad...but there are enough images and information on the web!


  1. What an amazing opportunity for you and the kids……..

  2. Such a well-done exhibit with so many added touches to make it even more interesting such as the boarding pass. Thanks for the idea of one thread throughout the entire quilt- I would not have thought of doing that with all the different colors in the house quilt. But I think one selling point of Invisifil is how it blends, so it's worth a try.

  3. That would be a really interesting exhibit. I wonder if it has been to Chicago and I missed it. I'll have to ask my grandson if he heard anything about it. He took the Youth Group to the Chicago Museums yesterday.
    xx, Carol

  4. This is an amazing exhibit and one I would certainly enjoy. Your Grands are so wonderful! Happy and Safe Fourth of July...<3