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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Honest..I've been busy!

Can't believe my last post was almost a week ago.  I do try to post every 2 days or so.  This is after all my journal!  I print out my posts every year or two (depending on how much of a discount coupon is being offered!) and then I have a hard copy of my life!  Speaking of life....

Yes, I have been busy!!  Mr. Blue is slowly getting his body!  I've started to outline his little feet and then I'll switch between the rest of his body and feet!  Those tiny #15 seed beads get to me so I relax with the larger beads (#10's).

 I altered his picture to black and white and sepia!  Just kinda fun to play and see the light and dark beads!

And I'll have to remember to send a final picture to The Fiber Art Bee group!  I did a lecture/trunk show  (you can see that post here)  back in 2016 and they presented me with LOTS of blue beads!
 I've used so many of the beads they gave me in Mr. Blue!!  This fiber group are wonderful and talk about active!  They always have some interesting workshop taught by members or professional artists.

I've also completed my challenge piece for the online group, Art Quilts Around the World.  Our theme this month is Nursery rhyme and it's due July 31st.  I can't say what my piece is...but here's a sneak peak!   And it's finished!  YEA!!!

And I'm now working on the 4, 12"x12" squares I need to have completed by September for Tommy's exchange this year.  Again, I can't show what I'm doing but trust me...I'm working away!

And on a good far the injection in my wrist is holding up...although, I had a scare last week...I went to shift my body (hip hurts if I sit too long!  ha) and used my right hand to help move my body!  Not a good idea!  Boy, did that hurt!!!  So I  kept my brace on for a good part of a few days and iced it.  So far I'm ok!  Whew!!!!

Bob has been working hard on our deck.  We have lots of boards that, after 21 years!, are finally starting to rot.  We have had estimates but they want so much money it's ridiculous!  So, Mr. Fix-It has his project plan (on Excel!) and has been buying wood, an air compressor (the one we have is too heavy to move around!), a staple/nail gun, paint, etc.

 He's pulled off some of the boards and has painted some new ones.  Monday, I'll start painting the spindles where he removed the boards so that area is painted and hopefully will save from rotting.  Have to give Bob credit...he's taking his time...that was my main concern he would overdo and kill himself...but he's doing a little each day.  So good!!!  And he's still alive!!!


  1. You have been a busy lady....Your squirrel is fantastic, I can't imagine sewing that many beads.... and your sneak peak at the challenge piece - First thing I noticed was the Mary Janes...How I loved mine growing up.....looking forward to seeing it.

  2. I love Mr. Blue! We used to have pet flying squirrels, so I have a soft spot in my heart for any squirrel. Sounds like a lot of projects going on at your house!

  3. Busy?!? NO kidding… seeing and hearing what you are up to…..

  4. I can almost feel the cool weightiness of Mr. Blue now that he's progressed so far! Yes, we will have to get together next visit so I can touch this piece and you can lift and flip all the dangly bits on the quilt I made that's on the blog! That "no touch" thing at quilt shows is really a hardship, don't you think? The deck project is a big one- glad Bob is pacing himself. You are the "challenge queen"- and you hit your deadlines. Glad the wrist is holding out. And definitely share the squirrel on the FAB group. Members will love knowing they had a part in the blue beads.

  5. Loving that squirrel!! You have, and always ARE so darned busy!..My nephew lives in Lawton and just had a new deck put on his house. $10,000! I have seen pics and am amazed that it cost that much, but it is beautiful. He has been having all the wood in his house redone. New floors, moulding, bannisters. I'm telling you, we'd love to have what he has taken out!
    Terry's brother put a new deck in a few years ago and we the wood from his old one..nothing wrong with it. We have put in two small decks around the pond (ground level) and Terry is currently putting in another to put one of our picnic tables on. This will be it. Whatever is left is going. We are the same as your husband. We work a few hours a day. Then sit on the swing by the pond to recharge.
    xx, Carol

  6. Love the squirrel. You are getting LOTS done on him/her! Is it heavy? I'm wondering because of the number of beads you are using. Do you have a heavy stabilizer on the back? The nursery rhyme challenge looks intriguing. So glad the wrist is holding up to the hand work you are doing. I know I'd be lost without that.

  7. Blue Squirrel is so handsome and gorgeous! You always have so many projects and every single one of them turns out spectacular. So glad your wrist is doing well and you are wise to wear your brace and ice it. Summer Smiles Dear...<3

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