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Thursday, July 27, 2017

So many forms of art!

I'm not going to "re-invent the wheel" as they I'm just going to provide a link to Mary Stori's blog post from earlier this week!  

I just finished watching Finding Vivian Maier on Netflix streaming, which is the documentary Mary wrote about.  If you have Netflix, this is such a really interesting show to watch (or perhaps you can find it on DVD at your library? Or elsewhere.)
 You can read Mary's post which spurred me to check it out!  Hope some of you do so as well.  Vivian was quite the artist in photography and quite the character!  You can also check out Vivian's website and see some of her photography.

Thanks again for the recommendation, Mary!!!

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  1. Oh Robbie, I’m so delighted you too enjoyed and were fascinated enough by this fabulous documentary to pass it along to your readers. It’s one that must be watched…..not just listened to and glanced at during studio time. Hummm…’s time for me to WATCH it again!!


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