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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Time to work outside!

I've been wanting to scrub our fence in the backyard for a few weeks.  It's vinyl and pretty maintenance free but they do get  mildew and just plain yucky dirt on, for 3 hours on Monday that's what I did!  And before you say "why not just power wash it?"   First off, I think that's just a waste of can see our backyard is quite big....this is just the north side..

And to use a power washer is really pumping a lot of water nowhere!  We have stone around the fence so the grass wouldn't even get the excess water.  
Second, even the inside of the slats had quite a bit of mildew and grime, so much better to take a brush/bucket with soap and scrub!  So that's what I are some before and after shots! 

 See how nice and white!!! I brought down my little seat/wagon and once I sprayed some cleaner on the fence, I'd sit my butt down and scrub.  I did wear my brace and rubber gloves, which was an excellent idea!!!  And see how nice and clean!!!
This is the south side of the yard...Only problem, once the inside was done, it was also time to do the outside of the fence!!  Oops...almost forgot about that!  But I did finish the outside too, south and north sides, with exception of the back of the back of the fence! That faces the woods (east side) and no neighbors there...just woods and I don't see it!  Kinda like the back of your hair!  I don't see mine! HA  Bob said he'll do that....someday....the fence..not my hair!


  1. Talk about impressive…..I totally get your approach…..must be our tidy midwest upbringing…… We both still do deep spring cleaning etc. Each Sat. my sister and I were tasked with cleaning the house. We alternated who did the upstairs and downstairs…..this is NO joke… Mom, a neat nick…..often did a ‘white glove’ review when we were done. Not literally white gloves, but def. an inspection. Eye rolling time for us teens back then… I see the value in learning to do a good job at any task.

  2. Job well done! It looks sparkling clean, and it's the kind of job that is satisfying to complete. We wondered why the fencing here in FL was generally of the board style rather than vinyl- but soon realized that the humidity would turn the white vinyl fencing green in a hurry. There is a product for cleaning that is supposed to retard the development of the algae, but can't recall the name nor have I used it. But cross this big task off your to-do list!

  3. A great job...looks sparkling the big old tree and of course the white picket's so "Huckleberry Finn-ish"....


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