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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Amber's coat

Several, several years addition to quilts, I made a really cute coat for Kayla, the first grand child.  I actually made her mittens to go with hers.  I don't have any digital pictures of  Kayla's coat but it was adorable and so cute on her.

When Amber was born I couldn't wait to make her this coat too!   At the time, the kids didn't have a dog so we put a picture of our dog, Mandy on her coat!   And, yes, those are my feet on the bottom of the picture and Gigi's head on the top left!

This was a pattern on display at our local quilt shop and I thought adorable!  When I was at the kids a few weeks ago, I saw Amber had the coat hung on her closet door.  I took pics while the kids were at school but I forgot to ask why she had it out.

This is the back...isn't it cute!!  The flowers are fabric pulled through the coat...if I remember correctly.  Seems to  me I gave this pattern away but I don't remember who got it!

I ended up making one of these for a friend of the kids too.  By the 3rd coat, I could make them in my sleep!  HA  I had to add another 'baby' name to theirs when they added to their family.

This is the inside of the coat.

It's hard to tell in the photo but that little square fabric with the teddy bear is for putting a name card in it!  I love the Jack and Jill fabric  for the lining too!  Oh the being Amber never wanted to wear it!  HA  I still think it's adorable and I hope they pack it away and keep just to keep!!!  Yes, I am too sentimental!


  1. Love it so much. I used to sew so much for my daughter. I remember once I picked up a pattern for a top with several sleeve variations. When I gave them to her, she put them all on at once and came out of her room and said very loudly, "Look at the sleeeeeves!". It was so joyful to stitch for a little girl. I made the boys things too, but it wasn't the same.
    I just think your jacket is too darned cute.
    xx, Carol

  2. This is so cute! It should definitely be kept in the memory box.

  3. I love, love this jacket and am thinking this might be cute for my granddaughter. I especially love the lining which brings me back in time to the "Dick, Jane and Sally" primers we used to read.

  4. Love this sweet adorable coat you created for Amber. I am sentimental too so I completely understand you wanting her to keep it forever. Grandma's love is very generous and abundant. <3


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