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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another 'point' of view!

So in my last post, I showed the collaborative quilt that I participated in.  Kay posted on Face Book another 'look' at our quilt.  I think it looks rather interesting this way too!  Always fun to look at your work in different ways isn't it!

It may not be easy to hang on point since Kay already put in the sleeve and had a board cut to fit.'s just another point of view!

And my squirrel is coming along....slowly...I know they are fast little buggers but I'm not!  HA

On Monday, my bud, Susan and I headed off to the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop in Trenton!  We both really like this shop...they have over 7,000 bolts of fabric.  Yes, that is 7,000!  It's a great shop that is also organized so well!!!  And they have a restaurant in the front of the you can look at fabric, have lunch, then go back and purchase lots!!!

I bought four 1/2 yard pieces of fabric...this is usually the one quilt shop I visit each year!  I don't shop at quilt shops back home...just too many fabrics sitting and waiting for me to use in my own house!


  1. The piece (lovely displayed in the traditional way) seems more cohesive when hung on point….that’s my vote…. Your squirrel is really coming along…..knowing how much time and pain is involved considering your ailing wrist….kuddos to you!

  2. This reveal on point is even more interesting. It seems balanced now. Mr. BLUEtiful squirrel is really getting his personality and coming to life. Hope your wrists can stay pain-free. Gorgeous Dear...<3

  3. This looks good on point. It won't be long before Blue Squirrel will be fully himself. It is so labor intensive, and I agree with Mary that you must have to pace yourself with the use of your hands/wrist. You might need to go back to Trenton on the 18th (tomorrow) for the all-town quilt festival. Big doings and it's supposed to be nice weather.

  4. Your squirrel is coming right along. I'm keeping track of his/her progress. I DO like the on-point display of the quilt.


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