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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back at Tiffany!

So now that my sewing area is all cleaned up I can get back to ongoing projects!  First up is to finish my Tiffany Peacock for our Master's Exhibit. 
 Actually, I finished the upper blue part of his body yesterday afternoon, you can see my needle and thread on his head.   I just need to stitch his little 'head dress' and of course sew on a bead for his eye! Then add black binding, label and sleeve and he'll be finished.  This is my 2nd Tiffany can see my 1st piece here.  I don't forsee me making another Tiffany piece for the exhibit but you never know! 
 I love the process of reverse applique my Q Buddy, Susan, developed (you can see some of her work here and here!).  
It is quite labor intensive but so well worth the, Susan's technique fits in with my love of hand work...although, Susan hand quilts all of her pieces!  I cheat and go between hand and machine.  My work/workmanship will never equal Susan's but I still love to create pieces using this technique (you can see another of my quilts using her technique here).  

This shows the pieces laid out on my cloth pattern.  Susan bastes her pieces down....yep, I cheat again and fuse mine!  I use Misty Fuse which is quite light and easy to sew through. 

This is the back of the piece...hard to visualize but a solid piece of black fabric is placed on the front of the piece...more basting (can't fuse this step!), etc.

And now it's following your basting lines to cut and needle turn your 1/4" for the leading.    Yes, as I said, it is labor intensive but SO portable!  With all the basting it's so easy to just pick up your thread, needle, scissors and off you go!!!  But it is a lot of work up to this point...ok, it's also a lot of work doing the needle turn but such a wonderful technique and quite different from the so called 'regular' reverse applique method.  I much prefer Susan's and I'm so happy she taught me how to do this technique!!!  She's a good Q Buddy!!

So off I go to sit with Kalee out in the's in the 60's and just a beautiful, sunny day.  Still coughing...ugh...runny nose, eyes...ugh...Zyrtec is in use.  Oh, I did sign up to take a class on Craftsy!!  It's a class from Sally Melville on Knitting Essentials....I love, love my E'nveloppe cape/shawl and my shrug I made from her patterns.  Since I'm a self taught knitter I thought it would be a good idea to learn some real knitting!!  Sally's books are wonderful...I purchased one of her books , Mother Daughter Knits.  She also has patterns on Ravelry, which is where I got her LEnveloppe pattern.  Tomorrow will be the start of my class...I want to finish Tiffany today..then knitting tomorrow...thank goodness for retirement!!!


  1. Oh My Beautiful Peacock Heaven Robbie! Your work is stunning and ever so amazing. The colors in the plummage appear almost irridescent and lit from behind. It is definitely your hand stitching that brings her to life. Feel better soon...maybe sunshine and Kalee will help you get better.
    Your knitting is fabulous too!

  2. This is just so beautiful, and so much to it between the hand sewing, machine work, etc. A Crsftsy knitting class should be yet more fun. Did you get my e-mail about the yarn I have? You're welcome to it if you like.

  3. Hi Robbie
    this is so pretty. I think I'd like this technique. I like hand work much better than machine. Loved looking at your previous projects again too.


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