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Sunday, February 15, 2015

So many projects and I hope lots of time!

Susan and I took off this past Friday to do a little 'shopping'.  I don't go to quilt shops back home just because I'm using up my stash (which is getting depleted!) or I'll dye/paint some fabric.
BUT...I never know what I am going to work on next when I come to Florida so if it's a project that needs more than I can dye or fabric I can obtain by's get with my Q Bud and go shopping!

We first drove to Yards N Yarn shop just about 7 miles from us!  This isn't a very big shop but wow!  They are stocked with great fabrics/batiks/yarns/notions as well as good prices!  I did stop in last year and purchased (at a great price!) about 7 or 8 yards of a batik for Ian's T-shirt quilt backing and sashing.  We left a few weeks later so I never made it back.  Susan suggested we stop yesterday, which I was quite happy to do!

We both found lots of fat quarters and yardage.   These are for an upcoming project, Blue Dog (George Rodrique), for our Masters Exhibit.  I know they aren't blue but it is work inspired by Blue Dog!!

The green piece is for our Garden challenge coming up the end of March.  At least I don't think it will make it for Blue Dog but you never know!

I also needed some fabrics for the hex pieced background I am working on for my 2nd hex horse project.  These should fit the bill and be perfect for adding to my existing hexes I've already have left over.

I was also looking for some orange fabric to create a patchwork background to use with the fabric I dyed last week.   This is a piece I am making for the Master's on Mary Ann Beckwith's work.   I must be on this orange/yellow/blue kick all of a sudden!!   Actually, I am going to stamp/stencil/screen print some of these..similar to what you see in the horse pieced fabric above.
Well, after all that shopping, Susan and I had a great lunch at Crazy Flats behind Dick's Sporting goods (HeathBrook Mall).  What a great lunch..I had the Spinach & Artichokes flatbread and it was delicious!  Susan had the Margherita flatbread...I will go back!!!!  Delicious!

While at the Yards N Yarn shop,  I was  looking for some black yarn to make another shrug, which I just realized I didn't post a pic of my finished shrug.  I've worn it several, several times and have had so many compliments on it...anyway, I digress....again.......

Well, I didn't find enough skeins of black so thought I'd wait....but on the way out I spotted the cubics circular needles by Knitter's Pride.  Well, I wasn't sure what size I needed for the shrug make a long story shorter (?? I know it doesn't seem like this story is getting shorter does it!)...anyway, I came home and knitted up a swatch with some black yarn I purchased from JoAnn's...decided #10 needle was what I needed and I called the Yards N Yarn shop and asked if she had a cubics in #10...yep, so off with Kalee and we headed to the shop and I came home with these!!

I have read and watched YouTube reviews on using these needles and I'm so happy to have found them!!  They are suppose to be good for arthritic hands!

Well, I remembered when we were at the shop earlier in the day I spotted a pretty grey yarn.  I brought with me the gauge/old yarn label/etc. and decided I liked the gray better than the black (easier on the eyes for sure!) so along with the needles I picked up these!  They are the perfect weight/etc. and I think the gray is very nice.

I'm not sure but I may just use the black yarn for the rib row for the back and sides.  I wear a lot of black but I think the gray will do nicely in a shrug.  Can't wait to start on this project today!!!

So if you are in the Ocala area and want to look for some batiks/cotton/yarns/sewing notions/etc. stop by the Yards N Yarn shop!!!  The owners are a delightful couple and are very helpful!!!  My next favorite shop here in Florida for sure!!! Yards N Yarn are also on FB!!!  Check them out!


  1. It sounds like you're having SO, SEW much fun there! Enjoy that sun.

  2. Two talented ladies shopping for fabrics and yarns and anything fun and creative and having lunch sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. I bought a pair of those knitting needles but have not used them because they are pretty small...maybe size 6. Love the gray yarn!!! So soft and feminine. It will looks stunning on you dear.

  3. I like Yards 'n Yarn, too. You did really well there! I never knew what people meant about finding black fabric or yarn hard to work with.. that is until I passed the 40 year mark. Now I get it.

  4. Your shopping trip sounds fabulous! Oh girl...I LOVE those oranges and blues! We used to have an apartment in downtown Indianapolis that I decorated in yellows, blues and oranges. People loved it; the Indy Star actually came and did a newspaper pictorial of it in a piece on downtown living. Our apartment was always the apartment they showed to perspective renters. Once people see the color combination, they are hooked! I know I am. Can't wait to see what you do with these.


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