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Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Almost Here!

Yep, the book, 1000 Quilt Inspirations, of which my patchwork piece is included, is published and ready to ship!  WooHoo!!!
That's my patchwork quilt on the bottom left (purple green quilt).   I'm really looking forward to seeing all these quilts!!   I love the gray leaf to the right of my quilt and the top right orange/green/blue piece...actually they are all very interesting on the cover!

This is the description from the Quarto web site:

As one of the core, traditional crafts, quilting is enjoyed by countless enthusiasts around the world - and its popularity is only growing. This collection of one thousand quilt DETAILS builds upon this interest, showcasing some of today's most innovative and beautiful WORK. See how others utilize color and design elements to craft creative pieces. Gain inspiration from their variations and intricate techniques. Maybe even CONSTRUCT your own original quilts. Whether YOU ARE a quilter or a collector, a craft-lover or an art enthusiast, 1000 Quilt Inspirations is sure to inspire your admiration and appreciation of the art of quilting. It's also likely to get you itching for some fabrics of your own!

If you want a sneak peek, check out the book on Amazon.  You can see several pages of quilts on their link.   Just keep in mind there are 1000! quilts to look at and to be inspired from!  You can also order from Barnes/Noble or on the Quarto Publishing site.  I hope to have my book within the next few weeks.  I just received an email stating the have been received at the warehouse!

Marcia and I had a really nice get together today...we left early for the Villages...walked around the shops (nope, we didn't buy anything at all!!) then stopped for lunch at RJ Gators at Sumter Landing at the Villages.

We were sitting outside and this was our view!  Beautiful afternoon and a great lunch!  I had a blackened Mai Mai with melted cheese, tomato and onion on grilled rye bread...really good!  And they have 2-4-1 drinks...we'll remember that if there's a 'next time' as we both only had one glass of wine.  We needed a DD to have any more than that!

We did do a little more walking because I wanted a Starbucks I looked up the closest Starbucks on their app, which was .1 mile away...ya!  Well, because I took off in the wrong direction, it was a little over .1 mile!!  But that's ok...we ate all our fries so we needed to walk!  We're hoping to meet up with both Gary and Marcia for dinner either Tuesday or Wednesday.   Looking forward to that too.
Tuesday will be a library run down and grocery store...then I'll be doing some stamping/stenciling/monoprinting  fabric for one of my projects.  Hope it goes well!!!  If not, there's always another day to play!


  1. Congratulations on your Cover Publish. It looks amazing. This will be a great book to review. Lovely view and surroundings you enjoyed. Eat, Drink and be Merry...

  2. Congrats!! How thrilling for you to be on the cover. Your talent is amazing and I love that it has been recognized worldwide!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Congratulations! What a delight for you! Glad you are feeling better!

  4. It's a well deserved honor are a 'cover girl'!!

  5. Love how they did the cover. Congrats! Actually on Amazon you can see a lot of the images, including yours which looks great. The details show very nicely. Have not been to that part of The Villages- looks so nice. The traffic congestion there gets to me though.

  6. Your quilt looks gorgeous on the cover! Congratulations! I'm a bit jealous of your weather. We got another two inches of snow last night on top of the seven we got the day before. Southern Indiana doesn't handle snow all that well. The kids will be out of school all week. I'm just hoping I can make it to my quilt retreat tomorrow. :) Enjoy that warm weather.

  7. Congratulations! How wonderful to be included in this book and your piece looks super on the cover.


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