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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I need 3 sets of hands!

It's a wonder that I don't lose my mind...or  maybe I have!  There is so much going on "up there"  that at times I think my head will explode!  I keep thinking it's a good thing to keep my mind busy but, seriously, there has to be a stopping point, doesn't there!

Anyway, I've been working on sewing a few (I may need up to or more than 100!) hexes!

The hex background needs to be at least 18" by 22" but I don't have to put them behind the horse.  I'll just use a piece of muslin/fabric and build around a shape of a horse.

At least sewing the hex pieces, which are around 3/4" are portable so I can go from the lanai to the couch and just keep on sewing.

 I did see where a 'blog buddy', Beth, from Quilters Beth's Blog,  has been working on her hex project  (check it out!!) and I love how she has her hexes separated in containers!  I'm going to use her idea and separate my hexes by their fabrics.  Sure will make it easier when I go to lay out my pieces!  When I was creating the fabric for my hex horse, I would just grab pieces...sorting through as I went.  Using containers would make it so much easier!  Great idea, Beth!  So glad you showed this on your blog.    Beth calls making the hexes "slow work", which it is but good for keeping our hands busy!!
Which brings me to my  next project buzzing in my brain!!  I was thinking of stamping some of my dyed fabric (the blue pieces) as well as the commercial oranges but....

I need to create a patchwork background because of all the hand stitching I want to do....this will stabilize the piece as I hand stitch (I'll stitch in the ditch on each square/rectangle/etc. by machine).   My hand stitching design is line stitching and I'm not sure if the stamping will interfere with the design or not!  Decisions...see why my little brain gets so taxed!!!  I may stamp just a few squares/pieces and start laying out.

And speaking of stamping /etc.  I did purchase from ProChem some Pebeo Suede paints. 

What for you ask??  Heck if I know!!  Actually, I'm thinking I'd like to use them for the online challenge piece (theme 'garden').  But who knows.  They looked interesting and a cheap enough price.  Only problem...don't know what I was thinking...but I usually get primary colors and then mix...well, duh, I didn't this time.....I also got yellow, not pictured above, and a lightening medium!

Oh, and I'm also working in between on another shrug...I did take back the worsted yarn and purchased a finer weight, similar to the yarn I made the other shrug in.  I liked the heavier weight but....this yarn will be so much better.  And yes, I went back to my newest, favorite shop, Yards N' Yarn!
I was going to add either white or black for the ribbing but decided to just keep it all one color. Anyway, it's also good TV work.  The shrug pattern is by Sally Melville's daughter, Caddy, which I've shown on my blog before.  It's in their book, Mother Daughter Knits...I also forgot (go figure!) to mention I'm taking an online knitting class from Sally and its FANTASTIC!!!  I have learned so much and her demo's are great.  You can ask questions and her turnaround time is perfect!  There's lots of discussion on the site, which is good.  Someone else can ask he dumb question for you!  The class if through and the class is called Essential Techniques.

Now do you know why I have so many headaches!!!  Too, too, too much going on up there!


  1. Okay....if your head isn't ready to explode...mine is just thinking about all your projects......grinning!

  2. Ah the case of the exploding head.. So many projects. I suffer from the same. Knitting around is nice because it's a satisfying visual.


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