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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Honest I have been busy!

Can't believe I haven't posted in days!!  I know I have been busy at home and on the road!  I'm working - slowly but surely! - on my beaded bird!  I forgot how much time sewing on tiny beads takes!

This is the bird, which I printed onto a Wash-Away Applique sheet. I forgot to add this step in my original post:  The Wash-away sheet has a fusible on the back of the sheet.  After I print (using my ink jet printer) I then fuse this onto a piece of pellon -( medium weight I think!)...same pellon I use for my fiber cards.   Then I stitched it onto a piece of fabric so I can work from my Q snap frame.  This keeps the beaded piece from being distorted when all the beading is complete.

And this is what I have finished so far!  I do enjoy 'painting' with beads!  That's how I look at it...just because I can't paint with normal paints!

I'm going to try and keep track of the hours on this one.  Yep...we are always asked, aren't we!  Does it it's fun to look back on and it's a good gauge for project deadlines, which I have on this piece!

Sunday was a beautiful day so off to Rainbow Springs for Cracker Days!  What fun!!!  And Kalee came along too!!  She loved all the dogs and people...yes, she thought they were there to see her!

It was a wonderful day and I love just walking around the park.  I also met up with Annie, who is a weaver I met the 1st year we came to Ocala.  She was doing a demo at a festival and invited me to a 'weavers guild meeting' back in 2005.  No, I don't weave but the group was very diverse - quilters, knitters, etc.  The group is now disbanded but it was fun to see what everyone was working on.  And it was fun to meet up with Annie again!

The waterfalls are wonderful and there are several of them around the park.

Just a fun time....but now it's back to beading and of course dinner out!!  It's Thursday, which means "the gangs all here"!


  1. The bird is so detailed. I like how you put it- painting with beads. That's exactly it. Lovely. Rainbow Springs park is lovely, too. We sometimes rent a canoe at K-P Hole Park down river, and paddle up to walk around Rainbow. So beautiful. By the way, thanks for the tip, and we do use those baffle bowls for both Abby and Scooter given their food issues. They do slow them down so they don't gobble.

  2. I know I could ask Beth since I know her.....but perhaps others might be interested as well...
    1. Do you have to stablize the sheet to go through the printer?
    2. Do you plan to wash it away? If so, have you tested your beads?

  3. That bird is fabulous--so detailed. LOVE it! Is that another stabilizer behind the wash-away applique sheet (on top of the fabric you have used to put it in the hoop? If so, I'm interested in what type of stabilizer that is and want to ask if it makes it harder to bead through. I haven't found one I really like yet. I'm also interested in the answers "The Inside Stori" asked.

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